Episode 106: Here’s What Happens When Photographers Visit My Photography Studio

Episode 106: Here's What Happens When Photographers Visit My Photography Studio


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

I get messages all the time from photographers wanting to see my studio.

And while I’d love to just tell people to stop by sometime, I am running two businesses and I have clients and schedules.

So, it’s just not something I can do.

Plus when I have photographers in, I want to make sure that all the bells and whistles are happening so that they get the most amazing experience.

And so we set up for that twice a year.

It is part of our Peak Performance Coaching Program.

We have two different programs here at Joy of Marketing.

We have Boutique Breakthrough, a two month program where photographers learn boutique photography and convert to becoming boutique.

We create pricing, products, the sales process and marketing… all the things that people have been messing up or doing wrong. 

Then, after students graduate from Boutique Breakthrough, they can move on to Peak Performance Coaching for a year at a time.

Some photographers have stayed for many years, but one of the reasons that photographers love it is because they get to come to my studio twice a year for at least two days and be immersed in everything boutique.

If you’re in business, I think learning this way is just as important as it is to have a vacation for people in the normal world.

I want people to have that nervous system reset.

So, twice a year, these peak performers come in from all over the world and they get to hang out at my studio.

New Level, New Devil

Let me share what’s happening when they come, because I think it’s a gift for everybody who gets to learn from this kind of education.

Something really cool that we’re doing for the first time is we have a half day for our Black Diamonds.

Our Black Diamonds are our students who have reached over $100,000 in their business last year.

It’s an extra program that we offer where they get extra training.

When you get to a new level… we always say new level, new devil.

Yes, you’re at six figures, but now, what about hiring?


Are you the bottleneck? 

With Black Diamonds, we’re going to be digging into core values and how to hire.

We will also be digging into their numbers.

It’s really cool because I make them do a cash flow analysis and projection.

And we look at our numbers from daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and then annually to make sure they’re hitting their goals.

We’ll really be rolling up the sleeves and digging into how to get them to that next $100,000 this year.

Then we’re having a special intimate dinner together at one of my favorite local restaurants.

On Wednesday, my Peak Performers come in and there are nearly 150 of them this year. 

Immersion Is More Than Just Listening To A Speaker

Immersion is not just watching me stand up there and talk for two straight days.

When you come to an immersion, the goal is talking to people, learning who’s doing what, building your network of people who are doing what you love to do.

Laughing, maybe crying, realizing that other people have the same fears as you, and other people have the same dreams as you.

We spend all year coming up with really killer content to keep people moving forward, to keep them believing in themselves, and to keep them supporting the community as a whole.

We have students sharing some tenacity stories.

We call them Tenacity Breakouts.

These are students who did a marketing activity and something didn’t go right, but they didn’t quit.

They went back out there and they did something else and killed it.

I love putting my students on the stage.

That’s how we grow and become leaders.

We are also bringing in an interior designer, who has been featured in Architectural Digest to teach more about spatial planning and putting artwork in the proper and appropriate size in clients’ homes. 

We have two parties planned for the evening.

One is at my studio, which is so cool.

Everybody leaves the hotel on a party bus and we have a famous dish from a local caterer and they tell the story of it.

And the second night we’re doing something a little bit extra.

We’re having a yacht rock themed party.

Being in business is hard and I want people to have friends and connections.

So just being with everybody and watching everybody bond and sit together is amazing.

So for me, these are two of my favorite weeks of the year.

I think it’s important to pick a mentor who’s still doing what they’re teaching when it comes to business.

If you’re picking a mentor who’s helping you make money, my gosh, pick one who’s still doing it.

I have systems that work that serve us to serve our clients so that we can make money and put our families first, which I love.

So, if you find yourself needing community, and find yourself wanting to come to my studio, too, then tell me you’re interested in my programs that have a ticket to my studio included.

One of the most exciting things is seeing you grow your photography business.

Remember friend, you’re worth every penny.

Episode 106: Here's What Happens When Photographers Visit My Photography Studio
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