Episode 118: 4 Things You Can Do in 15 Minutes While on Vacation to Keep Growing Your Photography Business 

<strong>Episode 118: 4 Things You Can Do in 15 Minutes While on Vacation to Keep Growing Your Photography Business </strong>


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

Do you want to go on vacation, but worry that your photography business will crawl to a standstill while you’re away?

Do you feel like taking a few days off means no new clients will come your way and the ones you have with wither away? 

If so, I TOTALLY get it.

I used to think that if I went on vacation, that meant taking time away from my business. 

It was so scary! 

But let me tell you something…

As a photographer, you NEED to step away from the grind once in a while.

It’s GOOD for you and your creative juices. 

Plus, one of the reasons you WANT a photography business is so that you can spend more time with your family, right?! 

So let’s flip the script on vacations and talk about how to not only enjoy them, but use them as a money-generating activity (yes, it’s totally possible). 

Here are 4 ways to be fully present on vacation AND still build your business. 

1. Practice talking to people

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to talk to people about anything BUT your photography business?!

I hear this from students all the time. 

The good news is, it’s possible to share what you do in a natural, easy way.

When you’re on vacation, just start a conversation!

If you’re flying somewhere, visit with the person next to you as you wait to board the plane.

Comment on their clothes, shoes, or even their backpack. 

Take a deep breath and just find interest in people.

Be curious! 

A great time to practice this is while you’re on vacation because you’re already more relaxed.

Just strike up a conversation and see where it leads! 

2. Put on your vacation lens and see things differently

While you’re on vacation, I want you to think about three things that you’re doing that you DON’T normally do in your day-to-day life. 

Like you’re probably not going out for a big breakfast at 11:00 am on a Wednesday when you’re at home.

You also probably not strolling around downtown, popping in and out of shops, or chatting with tour guides as much while you’re home. 

Sometimes we can get into a rut in our normal life.

But when you’re on vacation, you’re traveling in a different city, you’re eating different things, and you’re interacting with different businesses.

Use those experiences! 

What businesses are out there that you could potentially partner with?

What are other business owners doing to gain awareness?

How are they marketing themselves that you could do, too?   

3. Fill your creative tank and educate your eye

I used to work with an artwork framer who would say she was “educating her eye” whenever she would travel to the East Coast.

She was looking for new trends, new color palettes that she could bring back to her art, and new ideas. 

As creatives, we always need new input!

Maybe you’re looking for new framing ideas…

So when you’re at museums on vacation, look at frames and how the artwork is presented.

How do they use framing to tell a story? 

Then, use what you see to educate your clients!

Remember, they’re coming to YOU as the expert – you want to be able to share what you know so they feel taken care of. 

If you do this, you’re actually using your vacation to give you ideas and fill up your “creative gas tank”!

4. Reconnect with your family in a new way

I see a lot of photographers try to separate work and family.

But the truth is, when you’re a small business owner, everything overlaps!

So I want you to put on a different pair of goggles. 

Use your vacation as an opportunity to remind your family why you love your business and how important your business is to the future of the family.

Your photography business is what’s going to fund future family vacations!

I understand that juggling photography and family is a lot, but I know you’re up to it.

It may not always be perfectly balanced, but you CAN get to a point where your business runs like a well-oiled machine!

All it takes is a little commitment and the willingness to do whatever it takes. 

I hope that while you’re on your next vacation you use that opportunity to enroll your family in your business dreams.

Wouldn’t that be beautiful?! 

Remember, you can always make more money, but you can’t make more time with loved ones.


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