Episode 121: How To Start a Conversation About Your Photography Business With ANYONE

How To Start a Conversation About Your Photography Business With ANYONE


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

Photographer friend, are you frustrated because you don’t have enough clients?

I’ve got you covered!

I’m going to teach you how to have conversations that will help you book clients ANYWHERE you go (yep, even Target or your dentist’s office)! 

Did you know that all MARKETING is, is getting someone interested in what you do?

That’s it!

Your whole goal is to chat with people while you’re out and about. 

You want to find out about them, bond with them, ask them questions, share resources, and then see if you have a solution for a problem they have.

That’s when SELLING comes in (where you actually book them as clients). 

One of the first things we do in our Boutique Breakthrough workshop is teach photographers the “Seven B’s” of talking to people.

These are strategies PERFECT for starting conversations with people everywhere you go. 

Today, I want to share a few of our rules that are proven to work time and time again! 

1. Be Interested in People

Do you feel like you go from being friendly and social in your social life, and then as soon as you start a conversation with someone about your photography business, you get uncomfortable?

People should know, like, and trust you before you pitch anything!

So start by getting people to talk about themselves.

Ask questions and be genuinely interested in other people’s lives, so you don’t come off as salesy or one-sided.

You should still be interested in who you’re talking to and have a great conversation – even if you’re not selling something to them.

2. Find an Affinity

You want to find something that you have in common with the other person!

People like to do business with people who are like them.

The good news is, you can find something in common with ANYBODY to start a conversation about…

Whether it’s the t-shirt that they’re wearing or their hairstyle!

Finding something that you have in common is such a great way to open the door to a random conversation.

As you’re chatting, keep in mind that you want to ask a lot of questions about them because the law of reciprocity states that they’re going to then ask you questions back.

So when you’re asking them questions about what they do, they’re naturally going to ask you what you do. 

3. Tell Them What Makes You Different 

When they ask you what you do, it’s easy to become salesy, but you don’t have to!

You’re not asking them to buy anything, you’re just literally telling them what makes you different as a photographer.

I know that a lot of photographers struggle with this, which is why we really tackle it and coach photographers through this in our program, Boutique Breakthrough.

We actually coach them through all of the steps of the first phone call, but this is a really critical one.

You have to be able to explain why you’re different.

Marketing starts with just TALKING to people.

If you can master being able to start a conversation with anyone, you will soon find that even without a lot of marketing budget, you’ll be able to find new clients who will help you generate income for your photography business.

You can do this!! 

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How To Start a Conversation About Your Photography Business With ANYONE
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