Episode 123: How To Turn Your Portrait Clients Into Repeat Clients

How To Turn Your Portrait Clients Into Repeat Clients


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Photography Business Institute

Most people would agree that the hardest part of business is booking clients.

So once we get them, why don’t we do everything we can to keep them coming back and gushing on us?

Today, I’m going to share 4 things that I have done for 24 years, without fail, that’s kept my business running like a well-oiled machine.

I have structured my business so that I want my clients to come to me for the super special times in life.

I map this out for my clients because my vision is partnering with my clients through their whole entire lives to really capture amazing portraits that tell their family’s story.

We are really involved in our clients’ lives for the long haul.

I want and need to extend the love over time so they stay emotionally connected.

Here are 4 things I do to keep my clients coming back and I hope these can help you, too.

1. Send Your Current Clients Love Notes

Writing personal handwritten notes to your past clients regularly is so important.

It’s keeping yourself top of mind with your clients.

We want them always thinking about us and knowing that we’re thinking about them.

Keeping a database of your clients and always staying in touch with people is so important.

So if you don’t have a database, definitely go get one.

2. Follow and Engage with Your Clients on Their Socials

I haven’t done this all 24 years of being in business because early on there was no social media.

But I did it in person.

And what’s cool is now that we have social media we can use it to find out what’s happening in people’s lives.

So if you’re wondering what to write your clients notes about, check out their socials.

This helps you stay current in their lives and know what’s going on. 

3. Find Out What Charities and Auctions Your Clients are Involved With

Donating to charities is a great marketing activity.

It took me a few years to really systematize and figure out how much to donate, but once I did, it became a really great lead generator for me, bringing me great clients. 

4. Gifting Your Clients

I always want to give gifts to my clients and I love to do extra things for them.

At the end of the year, I look at all of my clients that have come in and I create a gift from their session.

So it’s not something extra thrown in with their order, it’s something that could be as much as 11 or 12 months later.

I usually give something that I do not typically sell because I want it to have value and be interesting.

And it always has something to do with photography because I want to give them something that reminds them how much they love their images we created for them.

It’s a great way to have an unexpected touch base with your clients.

So whether you have one client or many, this is a reminder right now to pay attention to everyone who has ever given you money.

Put them in your database and think about them often.

Truly, I treasure my clients and I love keeping in touch with them.

So start these habits today, as you keep growing, and these strategies will not only keep your best clients coming back to you, but it will also keep them referring you.

You can build a healthy business by starting with one client at a time.

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How To Turn Your Portrait Clients Into Repeat Clients
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