Episode 199 – Focus on You: Two Essential Assessments for Every Photographer to Take – (Part 1)

Two Essential Assessments for Every Photographer to Take


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

Today I’m going to share with you two assessments that will give you insights into how to show up as your best self. Once you hear about these possibilities, you will never be the same. I think traditional school messed us up. We were forced to look at our grades and the ACT tests judged us on everything. It made us believe that to be at the top of the class. And this is just not true. In fact, as your coach, I would rather you be great at something and stink at everything else. It’s not bad if you happen to be that person who’s very well-balanced and is actually really good at many things, but the key is simply to find out what you are really good at and build a career and life around those things. 

These two assessments will be a guiding light for you as you grow into the business owner that I know you can be. You think you’re playing the same game as everyone when you have a photography business, but that isn’t true. You are a totally different player with totally different strengths. Once you know these, you can make better decisions in your life and your business. And because you’re doing the things you’re naturally good at, and the things you like, you’re going to show up as your best self. 

The first assessment is called Clifton’s Strengths Finder. This is a book you can get on Amazon for under $20. When you get the book, in the back there’s an access code so you go online and take the assessment before you read the book. Right after you take the assessment, it tells you what your strengths are, your natural ability strengths, and you get the signature top five talents. The goal of this is to build a life around your strengths instead of focusing on what you aren’t so good at and trying to always improve yourself.

This assessment really has been life-changing for me. I use it for my team at the Photography Business Institute and my peak performance coaching students. What it does is it identifies your unique abilities. Being able to have this glimpse into each of my students is super helpful. And then throughout our curriculum, we weave in how they can apply their strengths, their unique abilities, so it can help them in business. If you love what you’re doing, you’re going to do more, and you’re going to do better. So take action on this first one. Go get it, take it, and then join me for part two of this podcast so that you can do the second assessment and see what it can do for you.

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Episode 199 - Focus on You: Two Essential Assessments for Every Photographer to Take - (Part 1)
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