Episode 200 – Part 2: Focus On You: Two Essential Assessments For Every Photographer To Take

Two Essential Assessments For Every Photographer To Take


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Photography Business Institute

Welcome back to part two of Focus On You, The Two Essential Assessments for Every Photographer. Last time we talked about Clifton StrengthsFinder, and this time I have a whole new assessment for you, you’re going to love it.

The second assessment isn’t as well known, and it’s one that I really, really love. It’s called DISC, and all of those letters stand for something. I’m going to run you through them, and share with you what they can do for you and how they can help you.

So when we have people join our team and we’re hiring, we don’t even review their application until we see their DISC, because it’s so critical that we run our team by knowing what people’s strengths are. We have our students do this assessment too, because it helps them look at four different aspects of their personality. It helps us get an idea of who will be strong at which task, and it helps everyone understand how they are wired. So when you take both of these assessments and you look at them together, it will give you an even more clear picture of how to thrive.

When you take it, you’re going to get a score for each letter, D-I-S-C, and it’s going to be a score between 1 and 500. If you have a score that’s over 50, it means that you possess strengths in this personality type. So you might just have one, you might have two, or you might have three of these letters. 

The D in DISC is for dominance. These are the people who are driven to get things done. They’re often more of a risk-taker, competitive athletes, confident, and they’re often leaders. They’re typically very decisive and strong action takers. 

The I in DISC stands for influence. These are typically your outgoing, fun people, who love people and love to talk. Often, your natural-born salespeople are high in I, these are people who influence and persuade others. Anybody you know who is the life of the party, they’re just fun, they’re entertaining, they’re extroverts, they are likely high I. 

The S in DISC stands for steadiness. People who are high in S are sincere, loyal, dependable, calm and caring. They can do repetitive tasks happily, they prefer routines, they often don’t like to be rushed. Many coaches, teachers, and healthcare workers are high S. 

The C category in DISC stands for conscientiousness. These are the people who value accuracy and details. The financial arm of many companies are likely high C. These are your engineer type person, your accountants, people who are in number type jobs, because they want numbers, these people want details. People with high C are excellent project managers.

You might be wondering what my DISC profile is…So for me, I am an I-D. When I got this assessment, I learned that when I have a project, I need to partner with a high C or an S. Erin, my business partner here at Photography Business Institute who runs the operations here, is a C-D-S, super high C, super detail-oriented. She can manage a massive amount of projects. We’ve always clicked so well together because our skills are opposite and we balance each other. Your personality type does not inhibit you from succeeding. Quite the opposite. If you can learn how to leverage your God-given talents, you will be happier and more successful.

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Episode 200 - Part 2: Focus On You: Two Essential Assessments For Every Photographer To Take
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