Episode 28: Should You Do a Black Friday Sale in Your Photography Business?

Episode 28: Should You Do a Black Friday Sale in Your Photography Business?


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

Black Friday is fun, but having a Black Friday sale in your photography business is a terrible idea if you’re boutique or have the desire to go boutique.

Here’s what not to do on Black Friday and what to do instead of having a sale in your photography business.

Some people are focused on getting the lowest price for everything.

These people don’t seem to care that the cheap lawn care company may plow down a few of their plants or do a horribly sloppy job. 

Some people don’t care about the quality, as long as it’s cheap.

In the photography industry, there’s always someone willing to do it cheaper than you.

Most of the time, there’s even someone with naturally good photography skills willing to do it for free.

You need to get out of the price race to the bottom and charge what you’re worth.

You Don’t Want the Price Sensitive Clients

The consumers who make their decisions based on the lowest price are not the customers you want.

They don’t care about the special treatment, relationship, customization, and time that you bring to the table as a boutique photographer. 

When you advertise a discount on Black Friday, you attract those very same price sensitive buyers.

These people are only coming to you because your price was low enough.

They will drop you the second they find someone cheaper.

Black Friday sales also teach your awesome clients that they should wait for a sale.

This devalues your brand because you become worth your sale price.

While sales may give you a short-term boost in cashflow, they are doing your photography business more harm than good. 

I want you to work with the best clients.

The ones who value your art and will give it to their children someday.

Those are the clients I love working with.

They take off work to have hair appointments on the day of the session with their little girls.

They order clothing specifically for the vision that I’ve created with them.

They are the clients who gush on us and happily refer us to their friends.

These amazing clients aren’t shopping on Black Friday to find the cheapest photographer.

Here are four things you can do on Black Friday instead of discounting your beautiful artwork.

#1 Photograph Clients on Thanksgiving Weekend

Find amazing clients and photograph them.

It serves your clients to get updated artwork of their families, especially families with college kids home, or ones who haven’t had portraits taken lately.

Photographing these families will help them become closer.

That will show in the investment they make with you.

#2 Shoot High School Seniors

If you aren’t already, think about the high school seniors in your market.

Seniors have had their year yanked out from under them.

They could use a fun photo session right now.

You can provide a memorable experience for them.

#3 Sell Gift Certificates

So many people are looking for gifts for their wives, grandparents, and extended family.

A gift card to your photography business would be perfect.

Start talking about THIS on your social media.

#4 Extended Family Sessions

Extended family groups are great to photograph during the holidays.

You can serve these families who don’t get together often.

As a photographer, we can create a fun family experience for these families.

They want to be together and they need those special images that you create. 

If you’re frustrated with your business, it’s time to start thinking about what you can do differently.

Commit to your boutique photography business and stop giving discounts. 

Do not have a Black Friday sale in your photography business because it will not attract the right clients.

Find the best ways to serve your clients without discounting.

Your photography business will thank you.

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