Episode 29: The Value of Photography Business Events

Episode 29: The Value of Photography Business Events


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

As photographers, what we need now, more than anything, is connection.

We need to be together and inspired to keep going.

We need to heal and grow together.

But how can we do that in the middle of a global pandemic?

Eighteen months ago, we realized that there was something missing from the boutique photography industry.

This missing piece was an event where boutique portrait photographers could come together and focus on their photography business.

I wanted to create a place where you could sit next to another boutique photographer and help each other out.

This past February, in 2020, we hosted our first ever conference for boutique portrait photographers who dream of something bigger.

It was amazing.

The energy was infectious.

The community was full of camaraderie.

Watching photographers come together, believe in themselves, set goals for their photography business, and leave with a plan was amazing.

COVID Changed Our Plans For The Better

A month later, COVID hit.

As we started planning for 2021, we looked at all of the options.

We didn’t want to cancel the event because photographers need this now more than ever.

We want to be that strong voice that you can listen to.

The one helping you believe in yourself.

The person providing new strategies to use during these uncertain times.

The one who will be the bridge to a fabulous future.

What we refused to do for this year’s event, was a pre-recorded video where the speakers send in their videos ahead of time.

We also didn’t want to do Zoom webinar.

This needed to be bigger.

To get ideas, we attended every live virtual event that we could.

One event was like nothing we’d ever experienced.

The host had huge screens around her, where she could see all of us.

We were interacting with her in a way we wouldn’t have been able to in person.

She was calling out our names constantly and interacting with us in the live chat.

We were going into breakout rooms.

We got a big box of swag that we opened before each program over the three days.

It was even cooler than an in-person event.

That is what we decided to do with Go Boutique Live.

We made it even cooler than it would be in person.

Invest in Yourself

It is a three-day, live, virtual event, February 23rd, 24th and 25th, from early morning until late at night.

There will not be any recordings or replays of this event, so you need to be there live.

It is three full, long, and awesome days, live and virtual.

Invest in your boutique photography business with this event, and give yourself a better 2021.

You can learn more about it at www.goboutiquelive.com

We’ll be digging into boutique marketing strategies, how to get the right clients, and how to serve them at the highest level.

We’ll be covering everything from branding, to products, to pricing, along with tons of inspiration and motivation.

You’ll leave ready to take on 2021 and whatever the new normal looks like.

Get your ticket now at: www.goboutiquelive.com

What People Are Saying

Kim Ingram said,

“Finally getting my head wrapped around this wealth of information I took in over the two days at Go Boutique Live. I met so many like-minded and nice people at this event.” 

Christie Slider said,

“It was an amazing event. I’m already trying to get rid of the head trash that I’ve had for a long time. Thank you guys for reminding me who I am and that I have a purpose. I can’t implement the ideas I got from this last weekend.”

We received message after message, after message, from students who had been there, that were bubbling with excitement.

I want you to experience that too.

I want you to put yourself in a bubble of learning and inspiration, so that you can bring your best self into 2021.

This will be a photography business event like no other.

Go to www.goboutiquelive.com, to get your ticket today.

The sooner you register the better.

I’ll see you on February 23rd, 24th, and 25th, right from your home.

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