Episode 30: How to Grow Your Brain to Be A Better Marketer with Annie Grace

Episode 30: How to Grow Your Brain to Be A Better Marketer with Annie Grace


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Meet Annie Grace

Author, researcher, mom, wife, inventor, coach, CEO…these are just a few of the roles my friend, Annie Grace, plays each day.

You may have seen Annie on Good Morning America or in People Magazine because what she does is really revolutionary.

And that’s why I asked her to speak at my 2 day event for boutique photographers, Go Boutique Live, last February.

I wasn’t surprised when her program was one of the highest-rated, so I asked Annie if I could share some of the highlights on the podcast today for those of you who weren’t there with us in Texas.

Of course she said yes!

Getting Rid of the Head Trash

Annie’s best-known for teaching people how to have freedom in their relationship with alcohol.

And her techniques will work to free yourself from ANY limiting belief and head trash you’ve built up.

She actually learned to rewire her brain after she hit a serious bump in her otherwise fantastic life.

She had a great career traveling first-class around the globe.

A great marriage. Wonderful kids. She had IT ALL.

But she had become a serious alcoholic. Like, a “screwdrivers at 6 a.m.” type of alcoholic.

And she didn’t know WHY.

So she spent a year diving into the SCIENCE behind WHY she was drinking and she uncovered a lot more along the way that can help YOU in your photography business.

So press play if you want to learn how to grow your brain to be a better marketer using the same techniques she’s taught hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

This stuff really works!

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