Episode 31: Why Having a Successful Photography Business is HUGE for Your Children!

This is why your photography business is huge for your children


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

If you’ve got kids, you know what it feels like to take these precious little humans home from the hospital and have huge dreams for them.

You want them to go for their biggest, boldest goals and create a life even more amazing than yours.

If you’re the one who wants to show your kiddo that if you can go for your dreams, they can go for their dreams, I’ve got some tips for you today.

One of the best things my dad always did for me was to tell me that I could do anything.

I was able to watch him start a business part-time while he was teaching full-time, and I watched it grow over my whole career

I loved it, because it showed me that I could do anything I wanted because I was able to watch that in him.

I think that sure, sometimes our kids listen to the things we say as they’re growing up, but they’re always watching us.

I really think that while there are many reasons we should go for our dreams just for ourselves and our happiness level.

But I think it’s even more important to show our kids, not tell them, but show them that they can go for theirs.

#1 Normalize Failure.

I think it’s important to let your kids see you fail and even have conversations about it.

We had so many people trying to go to the 10 10 10 website that the hosting company server crashed and everybody was locked out

I talk to my kids about this even now, because one of my core values and one of the core values at my company is, we want to play big

We win big sometimes, we lose big sometimes

I realized that if you’re going to have big wins, you’re going to have big losses too.

#2 Teach Your Kids to be Action Takers

Being an action taker means saying “yes” to things even if you’re scared

I love to say “yes”, and maybe sometimes I say “yes” too fast,

I knew I was so hungry to go faster in my business and in life

With great risk comes great reward

The ones who take action fall down, get up, take action, fall down, are the ones who rock in their business.

#3 Let Them Struggle

Protecting them from whatever struggle you see coming is not helping them.

Keep sharing your struggles and keep celebrating their struggles, and let them solve their own struggles.

Fail fast and fail often.

Would it be great to have a kid who comes out of high school with the ability to take a risk, fail, and still be okay?

I want them when they’re in relationships, to be able to talk to their significant others or whoever’s in their life about, “Look, this is a struggle. Let’s figure out how to tackle it instead of hiding from it and denying it and making things worse.”

They don’t always listen, but they do watch. Go and do. They are watching.

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