Episode 60: I Stopped Making These 7 Excuses. Here’s What Happened

I Stopped Making These 7 Excuses. Here's What Happened


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I grew up with an entrepreneurial father and had the benefit of watching him take chances in his business.

I saw what it took to succeed, yet when I started my photography business, I still had a lot of excuses as to why I couldn’t be successful.

Does that sound familiar?

If so, I know what you’re going through.

As a photography business coach, I see the excuses that hold photographers back from getting the life they want.

Many of these excuses were things I had to break through myself.

These are the seven harmful excuses I was making in my business and how I broke through each one of them. 

#1 I Can’t Put Myself Out There

When I started my photography business, I didn’t want to put myself out there because I might be rejected or criticized and feel embarrassed.

I think most people are that way.

We hate being criticized.

We hate feeling judged or being judged.

I had to reframe this fear.

I realized that there are always people who will talk about others.

No matter what any of us do, not everyone will like us.

You have to pick a target audience because if you try to please everyone, you’re going to fail. 

I know for a fact, people gossip about me and my photography business.

But I also know that not everyone is my ideal client.

I don’t stress about the people who don’t value my business because I know that there are people who do.

Don’t worry about putting yourself out there and trying to please everyone because when you serve the right clients, they will love you. 

#2 I Can’t Sell Because I’m Not a Salesperson

When I first started my photography business, I didn’t want to be a pushy salesperson, so I created a ‘better’ kind of business.

I created a business model that put a wall between my clients and me. 

Before I was boutique, I told myself the lie that I was serving my clients by sending them home to pick out wall art by themselves.

I wasn’t getting any orders, so I started holding my clients’ hands as they made a decision.

When I made that change, I was landing huge orders without feeling pushy. 

That was when I realized that a good sales person is one who helps people get what they came in for.

Your clients want wall portraits.

Serve them by holding their hand through the process of creating beautiful artwork.

Talk them through sizing options and tell them what you recommend for their home.

If you do this you will never have to feel pushy.

Good selling is serving.

#3 I Need To Have It All Figured Out Before I Start

I used to tell myself that I couldn’t be successful because I still had so much to learn.

That is simply not true.

The key to success is starting before you’re ready. 

I love the quote by Martin Luther King Jr,

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just the first step.” 

You don’t have to be scared of growing your business.

Just start working.

Learn as you go and invest in yourself.

There will always be more to learn, so stop making excuses and start doing. 

#4 I Need to be Affordable for Everyone

I used to tell myself,

“I don’t want anyone to say no to me because of my prices.”

When I believed this, I had low prices and clients who didn’t value investing in photography.

I was putting my heart and soul into photos that people didn’t care about.

That was when I realized that people find value in the things they invest more money in. 

When photos are dirt cheap, they are not valued and less appreciated.

When I started charging more I started to see the positive correlation between how much people invested and how much they loved me. 

As a boutique photographer, I have amazing clients who love, value, and appreciate me.

Let go of the excuse that you have to be affordable to everyone to make money or be appreciated.

Remember that you are worth it. 

#5 I Need To Make Money Before I Invest In Myself

“Once I make the money, I can invest in myself.”

I learned the hard way that business doesn’t work like that.

You need a mentor and a community of like-minded photographers so that you can always be inspired, motivated, and guided. 

Investing in yourself will bring you more money than you ever imagined.

It will also bring you many opportunities and friendships.

You have to give yourself permission to go all in on your dreams. 

If you can’t afford training or a coach, find odd jobs.

One of my photography students scooped dog poop for her neighors until she saved up enough money to enroll in my course.

If there’s a will there’s a way.

Trust that you will learn the skills to make money and pay off your investment.

I strongly believe that investing in yourself is the key to success.

#6 I’m Too Overwhelmed

When I was working all the time I thought it was good because that meant I had clients.

I was excited, but also miserable.

Every night I was awake editing photos and doing all the tasks it took to run my business.

I had no free time and I was not making any money.

That was when I realized that I had to change my business. 

I started to focus on serving my clients with beautiful wall art for their homes.

Suddenly, I was making more money and working way less.

I lost many clients who just wanted digitals, but it was necessary.

I got my life back.

The overwhelm went away.

You can do the same. 

#7 I’m Not Good Enough

When I started my photography business, I thought that I wasn’t good enough to charge more, succeed, and get the right clients.

I stressed over everything, but then I realized

“I’m either going to do it or I’m not.”

I went all in on my business and proved myself wrong.

I want you to do that too.

It’s hard to stop feeling like you aren’t good enough.

But you have to realize that you are capable. 

You can create the life you deserve with your photography business.

I know you can do it.

You Can Be Successful In Your Photography Business

I hope that you have discovered the excuses that you are holding onto and realized that they aren’t serving you.

I’m telling you from experience, you are good enough.

You are ready.

You have the time and you can do this.

My photography students are doing it every single day.

We learn, have fun, and we wipe away excuses together.

If they can do it, you can too. 

I Want To Help You Breakthrough These Seven Excuses

Throughout my many years in business, I have discovered the secrets to making money with photography.

I am so passionate about teaching other photographers how to do the same and get rid of the excuses that are holding them back.

My eight week signature workshop, Boutique Breakthrough, is starting soon and I would love for you to join me.

This workshop is for you if you’re tired of working all the time and want to convert from shoot and burn to boutique.

I will guide you through building a career that has meaning and impact and allows you to put your family first.

We can do this together.

I Stopped Making These 7 Excuses. Here's What Happened
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