Episode 61: How to Take Your Clients’ Photography Orders from $200 – $2,000

How to Take Your Clients’ Photography Orders


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Sarah Petty:

Sometimes the thing that invigorates you to take action in your photography business is hearing a story from someone just like you.

Andee is a student of mine who transformed her photography business and went from a sales average of $200 to $2,000 while working half as much.

Andee is a mom of two girls under three years old and she built a photography business that provides for her family and allows her to spend more time with her kids.

Her story will show you what’s possible in your photography business.

Andee’s Background as an Artist

Andee Anderton:

I went to college and got my degree in art education.

While student teaching, I taught a photography class.

After class, I would take the class point and shoot camera out with friends and take pictures.

I fell in love with photography and decided to start my business. 

When I first started photography, I didn’t even think about money, I just viewed it as a creative outlet.

I was charging close to $150 for hundreds of digital images, but still felt like I was overcharging and losing my clients to cheaper photographers.

It was exhausting. 

Andee Decided To Go All-In On Her Photography Business

Andee Anderton:

Eventually, I realized:

“Yes, this started out as something to do creatively, but I value time with my family. Very little money is coming back to me for my time.  I don’t want to be known as just the mom with the camera. Something needs to change.”

I engrossed myself in free webinars and courses, but I was scared to actually invest in myself.

When I watched one of Sarah Petty’s webinars, I decided to join Boutique Breakthrough and committed to investing in myself. 

I completely transformed my photography business by becoming boutique.

I ditched the online galleries and served my clients with beautiful wall portraits.

Providing my clients with wall art strengthened my ‘why.’ I realized that I loved photography because it allowed me to celebrate families and tell their stories.

My clients inspire me and I love holding their hand through the process of creating heirloom artwork.

I no longer felt insecure about my prices because my photography has the power to heal families and to promote self-confidence.

My prices justify themselves. 

How Becoming an Entrepreneur Made Andee a Better Person

Sarah Petty:

How has becoming an entrepreneur changed you for the better? 

Andee Anderton:

It’s been life changing, honestly.

Talking to people and marketing used to scare me because I had no confidence.

Now, I will strike up conversations with strangers in the grocery store.

I am finally embracing what I am capable of.

I feel empowered and like I’m stepping into my potential. 

How Andee Balances Her Business and Kids

Sarah Petty:

You have two little kids and are a full-time stay-at-home mom while making money through photography.

I think so many people say,

“I’m going to wait until my kids are gone to start a business.”

What has running a business from home with little kids been like?

Andee Anderton:

I am a full-time mom and I’ve been working part-time in my photography business, and it is perfect because I don’t need to be making six figures.

It is a goal, but right now my kids need me and I want to be present for them. 

For example, when I switched to boutique, I made $8,000 in one month by serving just three clients.

I was also able to be fully present with my family and even take an entire week off.

Serving fewer clients and providing them an amazing experience is so rewarding. 

It is empowering to make significant money doing something that I love. 

Sarah Petty:

Your story gave me goosebumps.

I love how you’re building a life that you love and putting your best self into the world.

I know that your story will inspire so many photographers to transform their photography business.

Thank you so much, Andee.

You are amazing.

How to Take Your Clients' Photography Orders from $200 - $2,000
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