Episode 63: How to Use the Parking Lot Tool When Life Gets In the Way of Your Photography Business

How to Use the Parking Lot Tool When Life Gets In the Way of Your Photography Business


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Major life changes. Whether we’ve planned for them or never saw them coming, we all experience them.

·  A job loss or career change.

·  A cross-country move.

·  A new baby.

·  A health issue.

We’ve all been there.

And as photography business owners, we may need to put your business on the back burner to attend to these life changes.

That’s why I developed the parking lot tool.

Today I’m sharing how you can use this tool to get back to your photography business faster when life needs you to pull over. 

Checkpoints Can Help Keep Your Business On Track

I never want anyone to feel stuck in their business, so I created the Stop Light Checkpoints.

I go through this with my students often to make sure that no one is left behind and stuck on red.

Green is when you are moving full speed ahead in your photography business.

You know what you need to be fixing, and you are working on it.

On green, your business is improving and growing, even if it is happening slowly. 

Yellow is when you’re moving along, but don’t have clarity about what you need to do to grow.

If you are on yellow, you need to dig deep in your business and figure out what you need to fix.

Being on red means that if you don’t get help right away, your business will implode.

This could be dealing with a huge expense that you have no way to pay for, or getting kicked out of your studio with no notice.  

If you slip onto yellow or red, make sure you have a mentor to help get back on track as quickly as possible.

Use The Parking Lot Tool When Your Business Is Not Your Priority

The traffic lights are great checkpoints, but sometimes something else requires our full attention.

This could be a new baby, sick relative, or a huge move.

The parking lot is a place where you can put your business on pause, and come back even stronger. 

If you need to pull your business into the parking lot, don’t feel guilty.

Use that time to realize that your business is strong, and it will still be there when you’re ready to return.

Plan out what your goals are and decide what changes need to be made.

Be proactive during this time, but focus on your family.

You Should Not Feel Guilty About Putting Your Family First 

Something I have learned through my years as an entrepreneur is that sometimes things will happen that are much more important than your business. 

Success isn’t just about money.

It means being present for your family when they need you. 

One of my Peak Performance coaching students recently gave birth to her second baby.

She was telling me how she felt stuck because her baby wasn’t sleeping and she barely had time for photography. 

When I told my student about the parking lot tool, guilt was lifted off her.

She was able to enjoy spending time with her little baby instead of feeling bad about not working on her business. 

I want you to utilize the parking lot tool because you need to take care of your most important priorities without stress.

You can run a successful business while taking care of yourself and your family.

Utilize this tool to build a life you love.

You can do it!

How to Use the Parking Lot Tool When Life Gets In the Way of Your Photography Business
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