Episode 71: Why introverts actually have an advantage as photographers

Why introverts actually have an advantage as photographers


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

Do you ever feel like you don’t have the right personality to get clients?

Are you constantly overthinking what to say to clients and feel that you’re going to mess up?

You’re not the only introvert photographer who feels this way.

After coaching photographers for over a dozen years, I found that photographers can actually do better at business than extroverts.

I constantly hear photographers say that they don’t know if they can do this because they’re an introvert photographer and don’t have an outgoing personality.

Running a successful photography business is not personality-dependent.

It’s about serving your clients well.

I believe you have some advantages in your business as an introvert photographer.

Let’s talk about what advantages those are.


Introvert photographers aren’t talking all the time like extroverts.

To be good at sales, you have to slow down and listen.

It’s about asking the right questions and listening to find the answers.

I know with myself, I have to work really hard and be conscious to stop talking so I can find out what my clients need.

I want them to do most of the talking.

There have been times where I look back on a sales conversation and think that I have got to learn to stop talking.

As extroverts, we have our own challenges, but for you introverts, you’re naturally good at this.

It’s kind of your superpower. 


I love when a student tells me, “I don’t know if I can do this because I’m an introvert.”

They pick me as their mentor, follow my systems, and have amazing results.


Because they go all-in on following the system I prescribed because it’s made for their personality.

Systems are there for a reason and are made to be able to be copied.

I think that’s why I’ve loved teaching photographers all these years, because I’ve had to create a system that I could teach that would work for all people.

For example, in one part of my selling system, it has to happen in one hour.

If it goes over an hour, it doesn’t serve the client.

My introverted students really rock at this part of the process, because when they follow the steps, it can easily be done in an hour.

Believe it or not, even extroverts get uncomfortable in different situations. 

Life can be so much easier than you’re making it.

If you’re an extrovert, you need a system too, so you stop yourself from over-talking. 


If you focus on following a system that can serve your clients at a high level, it doesn’t matter what your personality is.

You could be shy, quiet, or outgoing but because you’re following a system, it works.

Having a system doesn’t change their personality, but it will give you confidence when it works.

My challenge for you is that you don’t use the, “I’m an introvert,” or, “I’m too shy or awkward,” as a reason not to go for it in your business.

There are lots of challenges that you’re going to face in business, but this does not need to be one.

Having a great system so you always know what to say when the time comes is key to being successful.

When you have that, you gain an unlimited amount of confidence.

I hope this has helped you find that what you thought was a disadvantage is actually an advantage for you and your business.

You can do this!

Episode 71: Why introverts actually have an advantage as photographers
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