Episode 85: Do this HOT Marketing Idea Before Christmas

Do this HOT Marketing Idea Before Christmas


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

The holidays get expensive.

And the last thing I want for any of us is to go into debt for this.

Today, I’m sharing one simple thing photographers can do before Christmas gets here to bring in extra revenue to cover all of those last minute expenses.

Even if you have a lot on your plate right now and you have no time to shoot sessions, you can still do this.

As photographers, we are exhausted.

The kids are out of school soon.

College kids are already getting home.

This year, especially in a pandemic, labs aren’t getting products here on time.

Now, let’s look at where our clients are.

Our clients are scurrying.

The world has been shaken up.

Last minute shopping is virtually impossible because people don’t have things on the shelves.

Even local stores are running out of inventory.

You can’t wait until the last minute anymore.

So, you guys get to be the hero for your clients with gift certificates for your photography.

Photography gift certificates are brilliant because people need holiday gifts.

Photographers Are In Business To Solve a Need 

People need Christmas gifts.

And who doesn’t love photography?

Here are three different ways to get the word out that you can help with their gift list. 

How to Get The Word Out to Your Clients That You Can Help Them

1. Go Through Your Email

The first way to get the word out about a photography gift certificate is going through your email.

You all have email.

Go search your inbox, trash, and all your folders of saved messages between you and clients and people you do business with.

Send a personal email to each person letting them know you are offering gift certificates this holiday season. 

  1. Send A Text

Pick up your phone, scroll through, and find people who may have a gift buying need, just like you did with your email box.

Reach out to them via text or email.

Let them know you are here to help.

  1. Share On Social Media

And finally, look through your friends and followers lists on social media.

Send a direct message. 

You don’t have to create hours of content or an uber creative reel or tiktok. 

I know you’re exhausted right now and you’re trying to take care of your family and your clients.

But, I want you to know that this can take you 10 minutes to do.

Selling the gift certificates is really just having an easy conversation with people. 

Coming up blank?

Here are three different people you can look for who especially need photography right now.

Three Different People You Can Sell Photography Gift Certificates To

  1. Someone Who Has Had A Baby

The first person that needs a photography gift certificate is somebody who’s had a baby recently.

Reach out to everybody you know until you find someone who’s had a baby.

Maybe even reach out to the best friend of the person who is having the baby and say, “Hey, what if everybody goes in for this person for their new baby because what they need is artwork?”

Everybody could pitch in money for a gift certificate for this baby to have big, beautiful artwork on the wall that they can have forever.

  1. Someone With A Big Family 

The second person you’re going to offer a photography gift certificate to is the big family. 

Look for someone who has their college kids coming home for the holidays.

Or, someone who has all of their extended family coming over for the holidays.

Many families only get all together around the holidays, so what better way to serve them?

Give a gift certificate to grandma and grandpa so they can have beautiful artwork of them with their grandkids on their walls.

  1. Someone Who’s Already In Your Life

The third group is someone who’s already in your life, but you know through a connection.

This might be your spouse’s boss.

Where does your significant other work?

Or your father-in-law’s assistant.

Does the boss or assistant have kids?

Are they hard to buy for?

Could they use a photography gift certificate? 

The reality is that everybody’s looking for gifts right now.

They have a budget.

They have a need.

And you are going to be the hero by solving them and filling that need. 

It’s not hard to do.

And I know every single one of you can do it.

I hope this idea helps you see that it’s not too late to end your year strong, even if you don’t have any more time to schedule a session.

What do you have to lose?

Go and start reaching out to people.

Episode 85: Do this HOT Marketing Idea Before Christmas
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