Episode 86: How to Talk to Your Family About your Business Over the Holidays

How to Talk to Your Family About your Business Over the Holidays


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Our family is our most trusted, inner circle.

They know us better than others, and hopefully they care deeply about us and want to see us succeed.

But let’s be real, family dynamics, emotions, and sometimes jealousy can escalate during the holidays.

So sharing about your business can be scary and hard.

People want to protect us from failure so sometimes in the name of keeping us safe, they say things so that we don’t get hurt that we take as not so positive.

Today I’ve got some tips for how you can not only talk to your family about your photography business, but also get them cheering for you.

If you have kids, I’m sure someone in your family at some point has given you parenting advice, whether you asked for it or not.

It’s one thing when people have raised children and especially if they raised really great children, it qualifies them to give advice.

I always find it interesting to me when people haven’t raised children yet they feel free to give advice to others. 

It’s even more interesting when you’re in business, how a casual business conversation can turn into an advice giving session from a well-meaning relative who’s never been in business, let alone run a successful photography business.

Your family isn’t necessarily trying to be negative, but as humans we are wired to protect each other.

I want to remind all of you, your family is  doing the best they can and they love you.

They’re wanting to protect you and they are not trying to hurt you.

They’re Not Qualified To Comment On Your Photography Business Decisions

The most important thing to remember is that they’re not at all qualified to comment on your business decisions unless they are running a profitable boutique portrait photography business.

So, if something is said, just disregard it.

Don’t worry about it because it doesn’t matter.

So, how do you share about your business with the people you love without opening the door for others to erode all of the confidence and momentum you’ve been working on building up?

You Don’t Have To Share Everything 

First off, don’t share your fears and doubts because that just opens the door to people really reinforcing them.

Second, you don’t have to share your negative experiences.

Third, you don’t have to share your specific numbers of how much you made.

You don’t have to share if you had a big sale because all that’s going to do is fire people up to either combat it or maybe even create some jealousy.

Lastly, don’t engage.

Someone brings advice that’s really unwanted or makes you feel bad, literally smile and either change the subject or make a quick run to the restroom.

It isn’t going to serve you to sit there and let someone unknowingly add to your head trash in a casual conversation that then you can’t stop thinking about all week.

Instead, use the holidays to share things can keep your family supporting and cheering for you.

What to Share to Keep Your Family Supporting Your Photography Business

  1. Share Your Vision

Share that you see that you’re not going to do what everyone else does and you’re finally working toward building a sustainable profitable business.

While you don’t want to get into the details, you would love their support and that’s all they need to know. 

  1. Share Your Perspective on Past Failures 

If you get into it, you can let them know that you realize that past failures that you’ve had have actually been stepping stones to get you where you are.

They’re the confidence boost you have needed.

In business, it’s the only way to learn.

Explain how those failures were  a good thing because it built the muscles that it takes to make it as an entrepreneur.

Let’s all normalize failure, it’s a good thing.

  1. Tell Them The Steps You’re Taking To Build A Profitable Business

Let them know that you are investing both time and money resources toward this goal.

You’re done guessing.

If you’re joining us in our Boutique Breakthrough Workshop in January or working toward it, let them know.

If you’re coming to our event, Go Boutique Live in February, share that.

As people see you investing time and money in yourself to improve, they will see you as worth more and you will see you as worth more. 

  1. Speak With Confidence

We know that in sales, the one who believes more wins.

So while you’re not selling artwork necessarily to your family, you’re selling the fact that you are creating a successful business.

So, you have to have conviction when you’re talking about your dream so that they will start to see the change in you and they will start believing in you.

It really is that easy.

I want you to know that no matter what the holidays look like for you, we are entrepreneurs and we are different.

I hope you make the decision right now to set your business fears aside and show up for your family as your best version of yourself.

Then, when January gets here, be prepared to do whatever it takes to dig in and fix what’s broken.

With the New Year brings the motivation to start with a clean slate and do better than you did last year. 

I want you to know that I will always be a safe place for you.

I’m here to create a soft place for you to land when you fail, because you will fail and I’m here to pick you up when things don’t go your way.

I know you can do this, and as always, I will always be here to believe in you until you believe in you.

Keep dreaming big and have a happy holiday season.

How to Talk to Your Family About your Business Over the Holidays
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