Episode 92: The Tool I Use to Keep Me From Making the Same Mistakes Again

Episode 92: The Tool I Use to Keep Me From Making the Same Mistakes Again


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

Tomorrow is Groundhog Day, so I’m going to share a little magic tool with you that I taught my Peak Performance coaching students.

It’s a tool that I use with my own team at Sarah Petty Photography to keep us from repeating the same mistakes repeatedly, like in the movie Groundhog Day.

In your photography business, do you ever feel like you keep making the same mistakes?

Constantly reliving the same low-paying work all the time and telling yourself every year that this year will be better.

Then, by the end of the year, you have an overwhelming sense of deja vu?

That was me for the first few years of my business.

I felt like I was stuck.

I ended each year empty, exhausted, tired, cranky, and disappointed at my profits and my results.

Even as my revenue went up, I was still working all the time.

I was having to learn so many lessons the hard way, over and over again. 

Then, this little magic tool helped me so much.

I love creating systems and processes that are repeatable because I hate learning lessons more than once.

Now, in my company, we use “Groundhog Day” as a verb.

Because it’s really rare that every marketing activity we do goes perfectly the first time.

I don’t look at things as failure, I look at them as learning.

This is a tool to make sure we don’t have to learn the same lessons over and over again.

I also want my Peak Performance coaching students to not only just follow the systems I teach, but also learn to self-evaluate to make their lives better.

So, on the first business day of every single month, we do this as a group together all year long.

Here are four things that we cover on Groundhog Day each month. 

1. Celebrate Wins In Your Photography Business

We start our meeting by celebrating wins because if we don’t, we get stuck in the gap trap.

This prevents you from getting stuck in your photography business focusing on what goals you didn’t meet and celebrating the goals you did meet.

Looking at all the things you did is how we stay out of the gap trap. 

2. We Groundhog Last Month

If you don’t stop to look at the lessons that last month provided you, shame on you.

Those lessons came at a cost, so you’ve already paid for them.

File them away and put them in your resource for next year, what went well and what can be better.

3. Set Intentions For The Month

We have all of these cool coaching activities throughout the month that our students can attend.

Some are specific to a target audience, like seniors, and some are specific to skills they need to gain.

But they have to be proactive, not reactive, by putting things on their calendar.

If we don’t put things on our calendar, we don’t get them done.

Figure out what activities need to go on the calendar so we can make them happen. 

4. Leave With A Better Mindset And An Action Plan

You can’t do one or the other.

It’s not enough to have a great mindset without an action plan.

You’ve got to have both the mindset and the action plan to put into place every single month, so you don’t have to keep living Groundhog Day.

Do you have to slow down and make time to Groundhog every activity each month?

Heck, yeah.

Are there going to be months when you don’t want to?

Heck, yeah.

But if you stay focused on making the money you need to by taking care of your clients so that you have the time to be with your family, it is so worth doing.

This is a tool that you can use right now in your photography business to set yourself up to win.

This is why we do this with our Peak Performance coaching students every single month and it’s helping them rock.

Little habits like this are how my students did $5.2 million last year.  

If you’re trying to change your year so you don’t live the same Groundhog every day, come join us at Go Boutique Live virtual.

You can be in charge of what all of the seasons of your life look like.

I am cheering so loud for you.

Go get your mindset, take action, and Groundhog Day your month.

Episode 92: The Tool I Use to Keep Me From Making the Same Mistakes Again
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