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Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

From free training sessions and interactive quizzes to essential resources like the Boutique Photography Business Starter Kit and Sarah Petty’s bestselling book, discover everything you need to succeed in the photography industry.

Say Goodbye To Burnout And Hello to Profit!

Get the low down on how one of my students used my tips, tricks, and strategies to make over $11,000 in just 45 days.

Learn PBI profit
Learn PBI profit

What Kind of Photographer Are You? Take the Quiz!

Find your business model soulmate and get juicy marketing ideas to take your photography business to the next level.

The Boutique Photography Business Starter Kit

Take the boutique business model for a spin with The Boutique Photography Business Starter Kit. Want more photography business tips? Or maybe photography marketing ideas? Or what about learn how to make money with your photography business?

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Worth every Penny

Grab your copy for free (just pay shipping!)

Sarah Petty’s New York Times bestselling book is your step-by-step guide to building a profitable photography business without getting caught up in the ‘price race to the bottom’!

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Photography Business Institute
The Photography Business Institute provides focused, business education, coaching and certification designed to help professional portrait photographers build a sustainable profitable career. Request more information to learn how Photography Business Institute can transform your life and your business (all without missing a single family dinner!)

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