Lens to Income: How to Turn Your Love For Photography into a Thriving Side Gig or Full-Time Career

Lens to Income: How to Turn Your Love For Photography into a Thriving Side Gig or Full-Time Career


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

If you love photography but haven’t quite made the leap from passion to career or even a side gig then this is for you. You’ve probably considered lots of options to bring in extra money, but I’m going to show you why photography is the best one for making great money without sacrificing precious time with your family.

My photography started as a hobby. For those of you who don’t know, I am the founder of the top photography business school in the United States, really in the world. We’re like a combination of business school meets art school meets trade school. We’re not just committed to advanced professional photographers. In fact, I love working with people who are just getting started because they haven’t built up all the head trash about what they’ve done wrong.

I want you to have clarity and certainty about how you can use your camera to make an income. If you have a camera and you are willing to stay open, you can learn things that will forever be able to make you money. The reality is, as a photographer if you have the right skills, you can navigate anything that comes your way. A lot of you have been a hobbyist. You don’t think you could actually make money at this, but I am going to share the best way to make money.

It’s photographing people and their pets. Portrait photography is the best way to make money with your camera. First off, buyers are emotional and they fall in love with these images. Everyone needs a photograph of the people they love. Look at your life right now. Do you have a child? They need to be photographed at this age. Do you have grandparents? They need to be photographed to celebrate their legacy. Maybe you have a puppy or got a new house. There are so many reasons that every single family needs to have photos right now.

The best part is your time can be leveraged. You can go work for $12/hour or you can work for an unlimited amount of dollars an hour.  The best way to leverage your time is as a boutique photographer. Here’s what a boutique photographer looks like. This is where a photographer meets with a family, with babies or with pets. You create a session fee that is for your time and materials and they get nothing for that amount. It’s an amount that shows them that you are different from all of the commodity photographers out there. Then you create the images, you narrow it to the very most favorite ones that you present to the client in person.

Then, you offer them the images and you can sell an unlimited amount from that session. This is high-level. I’m trying to give you a perspective shift that this is the easiest way. You create the images, then you narrow it way down, versus people who are creating 500 images and spending weeks editing all 500 images, you’re only doing a small amount. You’re holding their hand to create artwork for their homes, wall portraits, books, albums, just no digital files. Instead of making $300 dollars for a session and giving all the digitals, you could make $6,000 in artwork for one client.

Being a boutique photographer is about fewer clients, serving them and getting the bigger orders in that little bit of extra time. I want you to know there’s a proven model out there that can help you make an income with your camera.

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