Episode 72: How I Got To $100k / Year, The Year After I Opened My First Photography Studio

Episode 72: How I Got To $100k / Year, The Year After I Opened My First Photography Studio


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

When you’re a photographer trying to grow your business, it means you are constantly taking one step forward and then two steps back every time life happens.

There’s a lot of guessing, stumbling, building up head trash, questioning yourself, working alone, and trying to stay pumped up about the dream.

Today, I’m sharing a simple solution for how I grew my business quickly.

It’ll seem so obvious when you hear it, but if you’re not growing as quickly as you’d like, you’re probably ignoring it.

Investing In A Photography Shortcut Can Alleviate Stress In Your Business

Recently, I traveled to my youngest daughter, Grace’s, volleyball tournament in Florida.

I love to travel.

With that said, I also have zero patience.

I want to get where I’m going as easily as possible.

My philosophy is that if I can pay for a shortcut, then it’s worth every penny to me.

When the TSA PreCheck came out I was stoked.

I was able to pay more to get in a shorter line that goes faster.

I think the same way in my business.

Why not pay for a photography shortcut to alleviate as much of the stress that can be avoided?

I believe that my business has grown fast and I was able to hit $100,000 the year after I opened my first studio, because I invested in the photography shortcut.

We know that our time here is limited so why would we want anything to take us longer than it has to?

Taking A Photography Shortcut Can Lead To More Money

The first time you adopt this philosophy of investing in a photography shortcut, it might be tough.

Think about this: what if you could add a few thousand dollars to your checkbook each month?

All while doing what you love.

There will be a lot of people waiting in the regular line of life.

They’re going to try to keep you from going through life faster, because they feel safe in the line where everybody’s there.

There’s company in the line of misery.

But once you get in the line of TSA PreCheck you know you are going so much faster than everyone else.

You will know you’re in the right place with the right people.

You Deserve A Photography Shortcut

Maybe you are thinking that if you just keep puttering along in the slow moving line that you will get there eventually.

But even if you’re thinking about your business every day, you probably aren’t actually taking action to learn how to get where you want to go.

And the things you’re doing may actually be taking you in the wrong direction.

I invite you to invest in yourself right now.

Go get the photography shortcut that your life deserves.

Is it a magic bullet?

Heck, no.

Only you can do the work, but you don’t have to do it alone.

There’s a roped off line in life for those of us who want to take action.

You just have to invest in the shortcut.

Come join us in the faster moving line.

I’m pretty sure you will like that line better.

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