9 Photography Client Holiday Gift Ideas

Photography Client Holiday Gift Ideas


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Your photography clients aren’t just important to your business, they are your business. So showing them some love this Holiday Season is a MUST if you want them to say you’re worth every penny. We’ve compiled a list of Photography Client Holiday Gift Ideas that are a joy to give. And they are guaranteed to leave your clients grinning when they think of you.

Which photography clients should you gift?

The Pareto Principle of 80/20: You’ve heard us say that 80% of your business comes from 20% of your clients.

Use the 80/20 rule to determine which clients receive a gift from you.

Don’t fret that it has to be expensive.

We’ve got photography client holiday gift ideas ranging from simple and inexpensive to wow-factor luxury!

Five reasons to give your clients gifts this holiday:

1. The holidays are a season of giving and gratitude. When you give a gift, you show gratitude to your clients. You show them they are more than just a customer, they matter to you.

2. You stay top-of-mind. The holidays are peak season for family photos. When your client receives a thoughtful gift from their photographer—especially a gift including a photo you took of them—the bells in their mind go off that they need more photos.

3. Their friends matter, too. When a client receives your gift, they’re going to display it in their home or at work. If your name and logo is on it, that’s a free billboard advertising your service to all their friends, family and co-workers!

4. A good gift can last a lifetime. Keep in mind that you are investing in the future of your relationship. And many of these gifts will be lovingly displayed year after year.

5. You’re giving your clients a reason to BRAG on you. Who else sends them a personalized gift to show their appreciation? Not the shoot-and-burn photographer because they can’t afford to.

9 Photography Client Holiday Gift Ideas

The Photography client Holiday Gift Ideas!

1. Photo Ornaments

Ornaments for the Christmas tree are a classic gift that will come out year after year.  I like these from WHCC, but I’ve also had them handmade by a local artist. Either way, you can’t go wrong. Your work hangs on their tree, and your name stays fresh in their mind every holiday!

9 Photography Client Holiday Gift Ideas

Photo Christmas ornaments are a classic photography client holiday gift idea.

2. Itty Bitty Canvas

Who can resist a tiny canvas of their family? One year I created these for my top clients in an itty bitty size I don’t sell. My clients gushed on me for weeks.! When packaged well, these little guys can have a huge impact. It’s just a tiny gallery wrap canvas, only cuter.  Sure, is a little more expensive, but it says worth every penny to your clients every time.


9 Photography Client Holiday Gift Ideas

Chubby Canvas from WHCC

3. Display Photo Calendar

This creative display calendar from  Design Aglow  is a simple yet elegant way to make sure your gorgeous photography stays in front of your client every day of the year. You’ve got images from their session already…just add in fabulous design and you’ve got another killer photography client holiday gift idea.

9 Photography Client Holiday Gift Ideas

Searching for photography client holiday gift ideas? Every client loves is a photo calendar. Design Aglow’s Modern Minimalist calendar collection has several photo design templates to choose from.


4. Photo Note Cards

How often have you turned your house upside down, searching for a note card to write a personal thank you? Your clients do this, too. So when you add your clients’ images to your photography client holiday gift ideas, your mom clients go crazy with excitement. An easy idea is to grab a favorite image from your client’s session and create a package of photo note cards.

Now, they’ll pass your gift (and your photography) on to others. It’s a mini-viral marketing campaign! Don’t forget to add your logo and web address to the back just like Hallmark does 🙂


9 Photography Client Holiday Gift Ideas

Photo note cards by whcc

5. Image Cubes

Ideal for dad’s desk, these photo image cubes allow your client to take your work to their office. Get ready to meet the co-workers. You might even get to meet the boss. Photo cubes are a great way to ensure that your work leaves your clients’ homes and takes on a life of its own. Happy Office Holiday Party!

9 Photography Client Holiday Gift Ideas

Image Cube from WHCC


6. Metal Prints with Easel

Metal prints are a fun product most photographers I know don’t sell, which makes for the perfect photography client holiday gift idea. Have any top clients with contemporary taste? A small metal desk print gives an ultra-modern feel to your images.


9 Photography Client Holiday Gift Ideas

Metal prints with easel by whcc

7. Holiday gift tags

This photography client holiday gift idea is so simple (and affordable). Just print a set of business cards with your client’s photo on the front + a holiday greeting. Then add To: & From: on the back. Place your your business name or url very small on the back, punch a hole in the corner and you’re on your way into all your client’s friends’ homes.

8. Video Slide Show of Photos

When you’re looking to stretch your photography client holiday gift idea budget check this out.  Animoto videos will make your clients remember how much fun they had in their session with you this year.

And as a bonus, it’s super easy for them to share on social media, too. Send one of these to your clients, and just wait. In no time, you’ll see it rolling through your feed, gathering comments, likes and shares from potential future clients. (Free trial of Animoto here. Or get a full year and save 20% with code JOY2017).

Get your free trial of Animoto here

9.   Custom Photo App for their Iphone

Give a customized StickyAlbums app of images from their session for them to put right on their iPhone.

You don’t have to package, mail or deliver anything.

I did this a couple years ago and ended up booking three new clients as referrals. These make it EASY for clients to brag on you to their family and friends.

9 Photography Client Holiday Gift Ideas

Sticky Albums Custom App

Give your business the gift of Networking this Holiday!

Take a look at your client database. Which of your clients deserve a gift from you this year?

Now browse the list above and choose your favorite photography client holiday gift ideas and start creating.

These ideas really work, and they make your clients feel awesome!

Have a favorite photography client holiday gift idea that I missed? Share it below. I’m always looking for something new!

9 Photography Client Holiday Gift Ideas

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