27 Fun Holiday Card Poses For Photographers

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Photography Business Institute

Here are 27 of the best Holiday Card photography poses you can keep in your back pocket to use all year long. Why? Whether it’s the middle of July or 12 days before Christmas, there’s nothing wrong with always being prepared for a phone call from your photography clients looking to book a Holiday Card session. Every photographer needs this great addition to their marketing plan.

And if you haven’t started your Holiday Card marketing, it’s never too late! Here’s how you can crush it at marketing Holiday Cards to all of your clients.

1. Classic Matching Pajamas

Your clients can easily get their kiddos excited about a holiday card photoshoot by bribing them with new Christmas pajamas. It’s a tried and true holiday card photo idea that your clients will love (because it takes out the hardest decision of what to wear)!

holiday card photoshoot
Via Little Trendsetter

2. “Silent Night”

This fun Christmas card pose for children is easier than it looks! Have the two kiddos sit back to back and wrap string lights around them (not too tight) a few times near an outlet. Then, have your printed “Silent” and “Night” labels ready to stick to their mouths (double-sided tape works great) and snap the shot!

Christmas card pose
Via Craft Mart

3. Merry & Bright Holiday Card Pose

Does your client have an awesome vintage car, or do you have access to one? Christmas photos are a great time for clients to show it off in a festive way. Or, schedule a few clients who want to use this as their set and schedule them all in one day! You could even have Santa stop by and surprise them for a moment they will never forget!

Merry and Bright Holiday Card Pose
Via Sarah Petty Photography

4. The Wishlist

For the clients that want a more humorous Christmas card, this is a great pose for any group size. Have each family member make a contemplative face, thinking about what they want from Santa Claus for Christmas.

Christmas Card Wishlist
Via Dana Willard- Made Everyday

5. Runaway Holiday Card Pose

If you can find a Little Tikes Coupe, it’s worth the investment for one of the best photography props for children. Decorate the mini car with holiday wreaths for Christmas cards, or tie balloons to the sides for a children’s birthday photo session– the possibilities are endless.

Runaway Holiday Card Pose
Via Sarah Petty Photography

6. Let It Snow!

Depending on where you live, you may be able to pull off the perfect outdoor holiday card pose for a family photo session. You can find falling snow digital image overlays online on places like Etsy to add to the image to give the effect they were caught in the storm! Fingers crossed for a white Christmas!

outdoor holiday card poses
Via Shutterfly

7. The Great Christmas Tree Hunt

Help your clients kill two birds with one stone and meet them for their holiday session at the local Christmas tree farm! Not only will they leave with the perfect holiday card photos, but they’ll also have a fresh-cut tree. You can even book a holiday card session with them a couple of months before Holiday Season because Christmas trees are green year-round!

Christmas Tree Hunt Poses
Via WojoImage

8. The “Not-So-Cookie-Cutter” Christmas Card Idea

Do you shoot in a documentary style? A holiday baking day photoshoot and Christmas card theme is the perfect way to catch those sweet authentic moments between family members. Encourage them to put their favorite Christmas cookie recipe on the back of the card for a personal touch.

Christmas Card Ideas
Via Ammentorp/Dreamstime

9. Cheers!

And….wrap up the baking with a hot chocolate snap shot! Cheers to the new year!

Holiday Card Poses snap shots
Via Shutterfly

10. Bundle of Joy

Perfect for newborns, wrap their little bundle of joy in a blanket surrounded with colorful ornaments. What says Christmas more than a swaddled newborn baby?

Holiday Card Poses For Photographers
Via Flickr/KWilliams

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11. Fun Christmas Card Idea For A Snow Day

Fresh snow on the ground? Have a list ready to go of clients who are interested in an outdoor holiday session, and meet them at a local park, or even in their backyard for this fun holiday card photo idea.

holiday card photo idea
Via Sarah Petty Photography

12. Is This Christmas Card Idea “Too Cool”?

Have any clients that lean towards the spunky side? Suggest matching holiday suits paired with stealthy shades for a holiday photography session with Santa’s Secret Service. Adding this shot to any session year round makes it easy for your client to order Christmas cards well in advance and be the first one to mail out when the season begins.

holiday suits photography
Via Happy Grey Lucky

13. The Snow Blower

One way to make sure you’ll always have a white Christmas is to keep a stash of fake snow year-round! This pose is fun for every age– with your client’s hands cupped together, pile about ¼ cup of fake snow in their hands. Once you’re behind the camera and ready to shoot, instruct them to blow on the snow softly as it flows holiday cheer through the air!

white Christmas poses
Via Sarah Petty Photography

14. Recreate a Christmas Classic

Need a light-hearted Christmas card idea? Have your clients pick their favorite holiday movie, and recreate the cover. If you want to go all out, use your photo editing skills to even get the colors and fonts exactly right.

holiday card ideas
Via JY Visuals

15. Peanuts Fans?

This Christmas card idea is perfect for your clients that just can’t get enough of Charlie Brown’s Christmas. Grab a tiny Christmas tree, add some lights, and now you’ve got the perfect Charlie Brown Christmas prop for the background of their holiday card. Have fun with the kiddos and encourage them to make their best silly face while their parents react.

Christmas card idea For Photographers
Via Sarah Petty Photography

16. Catch You Under The Mistletoe

Break out an “I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus” reference! Buy a nice sprig of artificial mistletoe and keep it in your camera bag for sessions around the holidays.

Christmas Card Poses For Photographers
Via Lipgloss and Crayons

17. String Lights and Ring Lights

Pop a couple of kiddos in front of a vibrant backdrop, pull out a ring light, and grab some string lights!

String Lights and Ring Lights
Via Sarah Petty Photography

18. I Want Candy!

Perfect for a couple’s Christmas card photo idea, grab some candy canes and get shooting! With the candy-canes in the focus, have the love birds in the background hold their props in a heart shape and give each other a kiss.

couples Christmas card photo ideas
Via jessieanddallin.com

19. Twinkle Toes

Simple yet fun, this Christmas card pose is great to put on the backside of a card. Make sure your clients know ahead of time to coordinate their socks and shoes! You can shoot this indoor or outdoor, depending on if you want to plug the lights in. Have each parent standing on either side of their toddler, each grabbing one hand to hold them up.

Christmas Card Poses for Families
Via Flickr

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20. Never Leave The House!

The best way to convince your clients to book a Christmas card session? Tell them they won’t even have to get out of bed– just wear your best holiday pajamas and get ready to have a tickle fight!

Christmas card session
Via Sarah Petty Photography

21. Momma’s Boy

Have your momma standing up and leaning back slightly as she holds her little one, with their cheeks lightly pressed together. For the perfect touch, suggest that the little one wears a top to match her lipstick.

Mother and Child Christmas aPoses
Via Ivory Lane

22. Santa’s Helper

If you’re looking for simple props for holiday card sessions, I always keep a few Santa hats around. They come in handy for all photography sessions throughout the year. Whether you’re doing a senior session or children’s portraits, you can always finish the session by bringing out the Santa hats and doing a few snaps for a holiday card.

photography sessions for holiday card
Via Sarah Petty Photography

23. The Favorite Child

When your clients can’t stop gushing over their dog, you know this Christmas card pose is the one for them (and the best part is, you can shoot this anywhere!) With their pet in the center, have your clients crouched down, looking at each other. Use a squeaker behind the camera to get the dog’s attention and capture the image right as the pet looks at the lens.

Family and pet Christmas card pose
Via Side of Glam

24. Formal – Normal!

Everyone loves to look their best but also to portray their fun side! Formal Normal is perfect for a Christmas card. Have your clients dress to impress. The photo on the front looks pristine and  fancy and says “Formal”. Open up the card to see what they are really like, and have it say “Normal!”


formal Christmas card poses
Via Sarah Petty Photography


normal Christmas card poses
Via Sarah Petty Photography

25. Little Presents Under The Tree

If your clients have little ones, snap a photo of them from up above while they’re under the lights of the Christmas tree, where the presents would normally be.

Holiday Card Poses
Via Modern Mom Life

26. The Stack of Santa Christmas Card Pose

Whether your clients want to use the Christmas tree in their home or if you have a tree set up in your studio for sessions, this pose is perfect for a family of four. From youngest to oldest, have everyone stack themselves on one another, each wearing a Santa hat.

Christmas Card Poses
Via Getty Images

27. Very Merry Christmas Tree

This pose is perfect for clients want to do their Christmas card photoshoot at a Christmas tree grove with their toddler. Have the trio centered in front of a tall Christmas tree, with the parents holding their toddler up high in between them. Fron behind the camera, tell the toddler to look at you and smile, while each parent gives a little kiss on their cheek.

Christmas card photoshoot
Via Sarah and Brent Photography

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