Create An ‘About You’ Page that Works


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

I visit a lot of small business owner’s websites. Sometimes because I’m looking to do business with them, but sometimes because I’m doing research. One thing I find that is lacking in most sites, is the ‘about you’ section.

Your ‘about me’ sets you apart from everyone else because no one should have your same story. And even more importantly, it sets you apart from the big box retailers. As a small business owner you have something they don’t have. A personal story.

Think about Target, Best Buy or Albertsons – places you likely frequent. What is the story behind these retailers? Did someone’s great-great grandfather decide there was a need for fresher produce in their small town and open his first vegetable stand, only to have it grow into a multi-store national chain that has now been passed down from generation to generation? I don’t think so.

Your advantage over these much larger businesses is the ability to make a connection with your clients. That connection starts when someone begins searching for you and pokes around on your website.

Here are a few small business strategies for creating a winning ‘About You’ page on your website:

  • Share a little about your training and your awards, but don’t make it the focus. This just let’s me see you’re an expert and establishes credibility that you are top-notch, not just in this market we live in.
  • If you have been featured in a major publication, tell me. That, too, helps me understand that you’re good…really good!
  • If you work with some big name clients, that helps build credibility, too. Mention it.
  • If you like peas but not carrots or you are an obsessive list maker, those are funny details that help me get to know more about you and what it will be like to work with you.
  • If you’re a mom and your business is selling to mom’s, then share that. It helps me see what we have in common. And I like to do business with people who are like me.
  • Tell me something truly unique about you and why you’re here and why I should hire you. Don’t tell me that you’ve had a camera in your hand since you were 3. Nearly every photographer says that.
  • Write it in first person. It helps your personality shine through.
  • If you’re not a skilled writer and would rather poke your eyeballs out than write about yourself, ask a friend who has a way with words to help out. Or, trade services with a professional writer. This job is a piece of cake for someone who writes for a living!

Here are a few small business owners who do a good job of sharing their stories. I get a good feeling for who they are, in addition to what they do that’s different from others.

Light Love and Laughter Photography

Gina Lenz Photography

Pure Images Photography

Jookie Photography

I’m not saying your about you section will get you hired for the job. But in many cases it will move you into the evoked set of choices a client is considering hiring. Then it’s up to you to sell them!  Share your about me page and I’ll jump in and critique as I can to help you get on the right path.

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