Grow Small Business: Are you invaluable?


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As you may have seen, I recently interviewed Dave Crenshaw for our Joy blog about multi-tasking. He’s an expert on the subject that we all think we do so well and it was interesting to hear his take on why multi-tasking is actually killing our productivity rather than helping us get more done. Well, Dave just released his newest book this week called Invaluable. Here’s my take on this new read and why Dave says multi-tasking could hinder you to grow small business.

Unlike a typical business book, this tiny book uses a story to illustrate how to implement changes into your day. Dave says these changes can double your hourly income, increase your personal job satisfaction, help you be more focused and get more productive. I’m working on implementing a few of his ideas now and I can see a difference already in how I’m spending my time. It has heightened my awareness to the things I do that someone else could do at a lower hourly rate.

Invaluable is a super fast read (like Jimmy John’s fast), probably because you do get wrapped up in the story – or at least I did! Who doesn’t like a good story with a lesson, right? I read Invaluable in less than an hour on a flight on the way home from Illinois last week. I was pumped when I got home (and it was late, too) and ready to get more hours back in my day with the simple concepts Dave talks about. Not only does he ask you to focus on your strengths, he also teaches you how to figure out your MVA’s (most valuable activities) and LVAs (least valuable activities) that you do each day. I’m still in the process of implementing my processing worksheet and my work time budgeter (yes there are worksheets in this cute little book and he shows you exactly how to fill them out), but I’m excited to do it.

So anyway, I like the book and think you might, too. And Dave let me know that if you buy the book today (Tuesday, May 25th) from Barnes & Noble, you’ll be entered to win a Mac iPad.

You can get Invaluable in all major bookstores, but in order to be entered in this drawing for the iPad, you need to buy it today from Barnes & Noble.  Even if you don’t win the iPad, by purchasing today Dave will send you over $200 of complimentary audio and video coaching that will help you enhance your career and value in the market place.

Here’s how you can enter to win the iPad and get the bonuses:
1.    Go to and buy Invaluable here.

2.    Make note of your receipt number and go to

3.    Enter in your name, email address and your receipt number.

That’s it!  Dave will announce the winner of the iPad on Wednesday, May 26. (you will need to show proof of purchase if you win).

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