4 Marketing Ideas to Prepare You for Making it Big


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

Are you one job away from the tipping point of your business taking off? As a small business owner, you never know when you’re going to get your big break. Some days it may feel like you’re spinning your wheels, no where close to where you dreamed your business would be. Yet the phone could ring at any time. The big client you’ve been waiting for, the one who is connected to everyone in town, could walk in the door any minute. The potential gusher may be on your web site as you are reading this.

Are you prepared for your big break? Here’s are 4 marketing ideas to prepare you for making it big:

1) Have you invested in building a strong brand so that you’re attracting the right clients to your business in the first place? Or will your dream client happen across you and dismiss you because they don’t think you’re what they are looking for?

2) Does your website reflect your style, brand and professionalism? Or does it need work? If you’re in the group of businesses whose website isn’t up to brand standards, check out PhotoBiz. Don’t let the name fool you, they do great web sites for all small business types and their customer service rivals Zappos. It’s THAT good. And remember, for most small businesses the job of your website isn’t to get a sale. That is your job as the business owner. Your website’s job is just to attract qualified leads to your business so that you can get them on the phone or in person and sell to them.

3) Do your marketing materials project a consistent level of professionalism with your prices and your products and services? So many small business owners go wrong here. They expect their clients to pay high prices, yet they haven’t invested in high quality marketing materials, unique products and the bells and whistles with their service and client experience to create value for the higher prices. Then they wonder why people balk at their prices? Well if you don’t show that you are investing in your business, why should a client invest with you? Have you hired a professional designer and printed high quality price menus, marketing pieces and business cards to set the right tone with your clients? If not then you’re not ready to meet that big client yet.

4) Do you have a follow up plan in place to keep your best clients coming back to you for more? Or are you letting them get away after you’ve made the sale? What are you doing to make sure they are telling all of their friends about you and helping you keep your sales funnel full?

What are you waiting for? Make sure you’re ready when the big one finds you. Get started now, even if you need to trade to get it done!


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