Marketing Issues: 3 Common Branding and Marketing Mistakes To Avoid


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

In today’s new Small Business Marketing Ideas podcast episode, our third, Sarah and I teach you how to avoid the 3 most common marketing issues we see small business owners making.

Here are the mistakes we see small business owners making everyday:

1) Using several logos and identities. There’s no faster way to confuse your clients. If you can’t decide on a logo and an identity then how can your clients recognize you in a crowded marketplace? How can they trust you if you keep changing your identity? Find one logo you love and commit to it. Even if you need to hire a professional graphic designer.

2) Jumping onto the discounting bandwagon. Without a plan, small business owners do the only thing they can think of to bring customers in the door – have a SALE! Instead, be proactive rather than reactive by developing a promotional plan to keep your phone ringing. Not sure what a promotional plan is or how to write one? Check out this hour long webinar that goes step-by-step into how to create one for your business.

3) Copying what your competitors are doing – monkey see, monkey do. It’s never a good strategy to copy your competitors. I guarantee your situation and clients are different from theirs.

Tune in to today’s episode to learn how to avoid these 3 common mistakes and be sure to subscribe to our Small Business Marketing Ideas podcast in Itunes to get every episode for FREE! You can also check out the transcripts of this week’s episode here.

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