4 Ways To Create Customer Loyalty


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

On our 4th episode of The Small Business Marketing Ideas podcast, we share our 4 favorite ways to create loyalty with your clients. You can check it out right here! It’s Free.

In this episode, we talk about how to:

1) Keep a profile in your database – it’s not just about names. Know dates, friends, how they heard about you, where they work and more. We share how to use these profiles to get closer to your clients.

2) Perform Random acts of Love – in this episode you’ll learn about how to give for no reason, share Facebook love, donate to causes your best clients are involved with and more.

3) Give Gifts – create something special for your clients. Here’s a hint – the gift you give is even better if it’s a gift that you don’t sell in your business.

4) Create Special Opportunities – give your best clients opportunities no one else gets in your business (for VIP’s only) or clue them in to new merchandise and services first, before anyone else gets the scoop.

Tune in here for all the details on these 4 ways to create loyalty with your clients and be sure to subscribe in iTunes so you have each episode loaded directly to your ipod or your computer right when it is released.

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