9 Summer Reads for Photography Business Owners


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What am I doing when I’m not in a session, working on marketing my photography business or spending time with my family?


If you’re like most photographers, you’ve probably concentrated your self-improvement efforts on the technical stuff. It’s true that knowing how to pose, light and post-process is important, but none of those things matter if you can’t make money.

Let’s count down nine books that will help you work on your photography business while you work on that summer tan.

9. The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes

9 Summer Reads for Photography Business Owners

Turbocharge your photography business with Chet Holmes’ excellent book on selling

A long-time favorite of mine, I revisit this one every few years.

Let’s face it: none of us got into the photography business because we love to sell.

But if you’re looking to make a living, then you’ve got to know how to make money as a photographer.

Which is what makes this one a must-read.

8. Sell or Be Sold by Grant Cardone

9 Summer Reads for Photography Business Owners

Gain a new perspective on selling in your photography business with this book by Grant Cardone

Because one book on selling isn’t enough, this one also makes the list. Cardone may come on strong, but his advice is spot on.

This one will give you an all new perspective on how to sell your art as a photography business owner.

7. by George S. Clason

9 Summer Reads for Photography Business Owners

An ‘oldie,’ but ‘goodie,’ George Clason’s book will show you that you really do deserve to make money in your photography business.

Don’t think you deserve to make money in your photography business? It’s time for a mental reset, and this oldie-but-goodie delivers.

Don’t be put off by the whole “fatten your purse” thing. The advice is just as good now as it was a century ago.

6. by Grant Cardone

9 Summer Reads for Photography Business Owners

Grant Cardone’s book made it twice on this list. That’s a hint his advice will help your photography business.

Top sales trainer Cardone’s bestselling books and dynamic personality has made him a popular social media icon.

You may have seen him on Fox News or on his own YouTube channel. It’s also earned him a two-time appearance on this list.

With the opening of my new studio this summer, I’m expecting an increase in clients. But will I be able to keep up? This book is helping me scale my photography business to meet rising demand.

5. Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown

9 Summer Reads for Photography Business Owners

Having a successful photography business means you’re focusing on doing the right things and forgetting about all the ‘other stuff.’

I received this book as a gift, and I can’t wait to dig into it.

In our busy world, we’re often obsessed with trying to get more done in less time. This book instructs readers to forget about doing all of the things, and instead focus on doing the right things.

4. Presence by Amy Cuddy

9 Summer Reads for Photography Business Owners

If you want a long-term success with your photography business, you need to find a balance. Amy Cuddy’s book shows you how.

As a mom of three teens and the owner of two businesses, balance sometimes feels like a lost cause.

This book, written by a Harvard psychologist and TED superstar, helps me harness the power of presence.

3. Eat, Move, Sleep: How Small Choices Lead to Big Changes by Tom Rath

9 Summer Reads for Photography Business Owners

Building a successful photography business can take a toll on your health if you’re not careful. Tom Rath’s book will help keep you on track.

After finishing my college volleyball career, I stopped making health my priority. Three kids and two businesses will do that to a person!

I made plenty of excuses, too. I got back on track with the help of my Fitbit and a newfound commitment to an active lifestyle.

How do I stay on track? By always keeping at least one book on health on my reading list.

2. by Stephen R. Covey

9 Summer Reads for Photography Business Owners

Your family is your ultimate support system while you’re building your photography business. Stephen Covey’s book shows you how to keep #familyfirst.

I live by #familyfirst. This book helps all of us stay in sync with each other.

With plenty of summer family travel ahead, this is more important than ever!

1. Worth Every Penny: Build a Business that Thrills Your Customers and Still Charge What You’re Worth by Sarah Petty and Erin Verbeck

9 Summer Reads for Photography Business Owners

If you’ve ever thought about offering discounts in your photography business…DON’T! Instead, read my New York Times bestseller on how to create a no-discount boutique business.

Okay, so I couldn’t resist making sure this one makes it onto your summer reading list. Think you need to participate in slash-and-burn price wars with your competitions in order to succeed? Think again.

Before you discount your photography, read this for tips on earning well while doing what you love. I’m living proof!

While I love a good People Magazine as much as the next person, I’m all about finding opportunities to grow.

Which is why my nightstand is piled high with books aimed at learning how to build a photography business.

Isn’t it time you stocked up, too? Head out to the library or load up your Kindle.

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9 Summer Reads for Photography Business Owners

Make sure you get your free pricing template here — the same one I use at Sarah Petty Photography.

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