Boost Your Brand with a Dynamic Campaign


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Photography Business Institute


All of us are out there competing for business. Every day. All day. Sometimes we feel like we are working hard and not getting the results we desire. One thing you can do to charge up your brand and create a buzz is by creating a dynamic (not boring) promotional campaign. It is like a little chug of marketing caffeine for your brand and your business. As you know, your logo shouldn’t go changing with the seasons (if ever), but you can add some excitement with a great campaign. You can use a campaign for a year or for several but because it isn’t a permanent part of the brand, like the logo, it can be more fun and trendy. Here are 3 action steps to build give your brand that little wake up call it has been waiting for.

1. Create a campaign tagline (slogan) and logo. The more your slogan can focus onteh benefit to the consumer, the better. It can also be effective to create a campaign for each target market. If you don’t have a professional graphic designer with whom you work, my advice is to find one!

2. Work with your designer to create design elements that are consistent with the look and feel of your campaign. This includes colors, backgrounds, shapes, etc. By creating this fresh new coat of paint on your business, you will be making people take a second look at what you are offering.

3. Put the campaign everywhere! This should include your website, email headers, blog, lead-generating promotional pieces, auction displays, packaging and so on. By creating a fresh, new campaign and spreading it everywhere, people will start to take notice of your brand when maybe they hadn’t paid as much attention in the past.


If you want to check out a few campaigns we have had success with, check out We Love That Think You Do and Shine On. What’s nice about these campaigns is that they can be customizable to your business and you are off and running. Now go build your own brand!

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