Buy Time with Your Money


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

Buy time with your money is a concept that isn’t foreign to John Hartman. John will be sharing his philosophy in the Master Photographers’ Free Marketing Telesummit next Tuesday and both Sarah and I have used this concept many times. It takes us hours to develop and produce our monthly Cafe Joy mailings for subscribers. After deciding to divide and conquer the editing an hour+ of audio, we realized it was taking us entirely too long of our limited time together. Wasting valuable time on a task that we could outsource at a lower cost was a better use of our time. This freed up our minds, time and vision for more strategic, profitable tasks.

I challenge you to look hard at how you spend your time each day. Are there tasks that someone else could be doing cheaper than what your time costs, freeing you up to do the things that will really move your business forward? Don’t just check things off your daily to do list. Examine what you really need to spend your time on. Be sure to hear John Hartman expand upon this topic and so much more, Tuesday, September 29th at 10am Central

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