Do the Work and it’s Free.


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

Many of you want to start something, do something, create something. Yet, you come up against resistance and much of the time, you are your biggest enemy. In Steven Pressfield’s new book, Do the Work, you will get a kick in the pants and hopefully, he will light a fire under you. It is easy to sit back and do the same thing day after day. You know that you have a dream. You know that you want to make a difference. You know that you want to make something and ship something. I know that you can do it and you know that you can do it. Download this book right now, sit in a corner read it and then put your comments below.

A few years ago, I was running a successful photography studio. Then, because of my marketing background and experience working at Coca-Cola and an area adverising agency (and rapid growth at my studio), I started speaking at conventions to help others.  There was a huge a demand to learn about small business marketing from so many other photographers so Photography Business Institute was born. I found that I was now having a hard time juggling my photography business and my marketing education company but I loved them both like they were my children. I didn’t want to let one go or see one get less love than the other. For months I was trading revenue from one company to the other. I finally took the leap and brough someone on to take The Joy of Marketing to a new place, a place I couldn’t get it to on my own. I know many of you know and love Erin Verbeck, who writes this blog 3 days a week. She took the risk and left corporate where she was on the treadmill feeling like she wasn’t making the kind of impact in a business that she wanted. Together, we are pushing every single day to create new things, push ourselves and push all of you so that we can all do what we love and have a great quality of life. Does that mean sometimes we fail? Of course! If you have followed our crashes of our site due to traffic, you know that we are not above a pie-in-the-face now and then. But we love what we do every single day and that is what I want for all of you.

The best news? The Kindle version of the book, Do the Work, is FREE for awhile longer! This book is part of The Domino Project which is led by one of my favorite people, Seth Godin. Can’t wait to read your comments on the book below! Let’s start a conversation!!!

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