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Failure is not an option.

This has been our motto since starting The Photography Business Institute. It is hard enough running one successful business but when you add a second business, it gets that much crazier!

A year ago, The Photography Business Institute grew to a point where I knew I needed to bring on a ringer to help me run it. It has been a year now since Erin joined my team and we recently sat down and reflected on our first year together.

We made a list of all of our accomplishments – big and little. We made a list of all of the amazing places we have been (including our awesome day being rained in at the Atlanta airport – wow did we get a lot of work done) and all of the cool people we met this year. We want to look back in 20 years and be able to remember each little milestone and when each cool person came into our lives. How funny to think that we didn’t always know how to create a landing page!

Well, we would be remiss if we didn’t make a list of our failures as we stroll down our little path down memory lane. Some were little and some were big. Some were lessons that we will be so glad we learned quickly because most of the time, the sooner we learn those lessons, the more stress, time and probably money it will save us later. It was actually refreshing to look at the places we had failed and what we did to change course. I hope you can take some time to write down the good, the bad and the ugly each year. It doesn’t need to be January 1st to do this either. It can be a helpful tool and even though you can recognize and identify failure, you don’t have to accept it. Remember, FINAO.

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