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Photography Business Institute

It’s our belief that strong sales skills can help your business survive any economy. That’s right…I did say any economy. Yet I often hear you don’t feel comfortable ‘selling’ something your clients don’t need.


So how can you overcome your aversion to selling?

For those of you have heard Sarah speak on this topic, you know that this way of thinking about sales is completely wrong! It’s important to first build a relationship with your client so you can evaluate what they need and not sell them what you NEED them to buy. Look at sales like you would when you were starting a new relationship with a friend, colleague or associate.


If any of this talk about selling has you interested and your eyes are lighting up at the potential to get sales help, we have a free resource you may want to check out. Here’s the scoop:

Sarah was really stoked to be the only photographer asked to be a guest expert in a free online event put on by a group of leaders who are experts at teaching women how to sell (men can benefit, too). So anyway, there are 14 speakers who really know their stuff. If you’re interested, check it out. Have a great Holiday weekend!


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