Guest Blog Post – Unique Packaging for Your Client Meeting!


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

Tie up loose ends of your presentation preparation with branded packaging!

If you’ve been following the Photography Business Institute blog, you know how important sales and marketing are to your photography business.  Sarah has already convinced you how critical a well-planned pre-consultation and sales meeting are in landing great clients – and keeping them happy.  These face-to-face sales pitches give you the opportunity to introduce your brand, and what better way to do that than through your awesome products that are packaged oh so pretty!

Here’s everything you need to tote along to your next client meeting:

  1. Your iPad or tablet. (We have a great burlap pouch for toting along your iPad.) Pre-load slideshows of your best work, so you can show off a variety of different types of shots. If you use any apps, be prepared to show them how easy the apps are to use.  Be sure to fully charge your tablet before the meeting.

Guest Blog Post - Unique Packaging for Your Client Meeting!

  1. A sample package.  Make up a sample of one of your most popular or profitable packages.  Show off how you would box up a client’s prints, or demonstrate how you deliver branded photo CDs or USB drives, as well as an example of a wrapped photo album or printed photo book you’ve created.
  1. A presentation packet. Present your pricing sheets, contract, payment forms, pose questionnaires, and photo release forms in an organized pocket folder for your clients to take home – or to sign on the spot!  Be sure to include a few of your business cards and to have your logo and contact information prominent on every marketing piece.

Guest Blog Post - Unique Packaging for Your Client Meeting!

  1. A thoughtful gift.  Be sweet – and memorable – with a small token of your appreciation for the opportunity to present your style to your prospects. The gift doesn’t have to be elaborate – just something that reminds the photographer hunters who you are compared to the competition.  Drop some candies (who doesn’t love candy?) inside one of your USB pouches for a great branded gift that the clients will love!
  1. Bonus Idea: Find a cute tote to “tote” all your goodies! We have a simple Burlap Photos Bag that can carry all of your samples, presentation materials and small gifts.

About Kraft & Jute

What began with one photographer supplying her own photo delivery needs has developed into a solution for photographers around the globe.  Photographer Jessica Lewis recruited her business professor cousin, Melisa Zimmerman, to launch a viable company.  Today, the cousin-owned business has a growing team and ideas galore, and continually offers an expanding line of prop and packaging products for photographers. We enjoy creating fresh and innovative solutions if you’re looking for something more custom.  Through our awesome customer service, our simple and beautiful packaging solutions, and our globally-conscious principles, we’ll prove that we’re committed to the whole package; we’re committed to you.  For help with all of your packaging needs, please visit us at

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