Happy Black Friday!!! Had fun decorating NOT shopping!


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

What a fun day at the studio! Maggie Day, our college helper (home on break), decked out our foyer for the holidays! The entire Petty/Joy team was off today so they will all be SO surprised when they come in on Monday. Maggie is now cleaning up the mess while I blog – that is more important isn’t it???

How to Discover and Develop Your Photography Style

Think about one of your favorite photographers, artists, or filmmakers. You likely could recognize their work without being told who created it. The certainty you feel is a result of every great artist having their own unique style. No two photographers will take the...

Camera Care Tips for Trouble-Free Photography Sessions

Have you ever had that dream? You’re in the studio, about to start a family photography session. Your clients are ready and looking great. You get them in place, check your lighting, and pick up your camera. Looking through the viewfinder, you frame your image and...