Happy Mother’s Day


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms! One of my hobbies is being a mail order shopper. I don’t like to shlep around the mall and impulse buy. I confess, I am a page ripper. I get several (HUGE stack during the holidays) each day. My sitters always freak out that I get so many catalogs they have never heard of. It is direct marketing at its finest. I have raised my hand and told these marketers that I like receiving things in the mail and that I will buy from them (which I do). I love it when Martha sells my name to other companies. I love when Willams Sonoma does too. It is fun. This is a new catalog I just received – it is kind of Garnet Hill meets Land of Nod. The only thing that bugs me about the logo is that they took the swirls from Anthropologie! At the studio, we tried to find out if maybe they were owned by Antrho companies but couldn’t find a link. I think they could have found a more original face for their business. Love the name and especially love this most recent cover.

IDEA: Have a stack of online catalogs you subscribe to and when you find a cute image like this one, pull it off and put it into an idea file for future sessions. I have a horse session coming up and this fuels my ideas.

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