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Photography Business Institute


One of my favorite lines is from the movie Jerry McGuire. “Help me, help you.” Sports agent Jerry McGuire (Tom Cruise) is pleading to Rod Tidwell (Cuba Gooding Jr.) to accept help. Well, now I am asking you to help me help you! Here is the scoop. One of my favorite bloggers and thought leaders, Seth Godin, is working on a project to reinvent publishing called The Domino Project. The mission is to create a domino effect around the world, spreading ideas to people who care. They are looking for a bunch of smart, vocal, passionate and connected people to help them. They are looking for risk-takers (that is definitely us – remember how we have been creating these events and keep crashing the server because we have so much traffic) and people who challenge conventions and care about reinventing outdated systems. They are looking for people with large communities to spread the word. We have this community in all of you. We are passionate. We read. We blog. We give back to our community and to the world. If we are selected, we will be able to help bring the latest and greatest books and hopefully other opportunities to all of you. So, I am asking for you to help me, help you.


If you would take a minute to post a comment here for Amber Rae, Seth’s Chief Evangelist, so she knows why YOU think WE would be a great choice to help set the dominos in motion. They are only choosing 50 people so give ‘er all you got!

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