High School Senior Photography – Should You Change Your Session Pricing?

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Photography Business Institute

Do you need to change your sessions for high school senior photography?


Here’s the thing…

The big difference between your normal family sessions and high school senior portraits is the amount of time you spend with them.

I remember when  I first started doing high school senior photography,

I charged them the same as I did kid/family portrait sessions.

I didn’t have any limits on my sessions and they would just keep going and going and going without any plans to invest in anything because their parents are the ones making the investment.

The high school seniors are the ones saying “yes, yes yes this is so fun let’s do this!”

So I realized I have to charge for the time I’m spending doing high school senior photography sessions.

Now I have 3 tiers of sessions so that I’m making sure they have a minimum investment with each because it’s not financially feasible to spend 4 hours with them and not get an order that’s consistent with that amount of time.

Creating a 3-tiered package sets expectations upfront and still provides them with plenty of options to choose from depending on how much they want to invest in their sessions with me.

How are you pricing yourself for high school senior sessions?

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