How Can I Plan If I Don’t Know the Future? Joysummit interview with Tim Berry


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

If I asked you how you could write a plan for your business when you don’t know your future, many of you would stop, look at me quizzically, then scratch your head and say, ya know, Erin, that’s a good point. Sounds like something I can cross off my already too long to do list.


Here’s the thing, though. Businesses that plan are twice as likely to achieve their goals!


So what gives? Well, as one of the speakers at The Small Business Marketing Joysummit, Tim Berry, shares with me in this interview, marketing planning is A LOT easier than most people think. On Monday, June 28, at The Small Business Marketing Joysummit, Tim will teach you how to write a marketing plan. And let me tell you, Tim’s format is not a big fancy document that you’ll never use. His take on the marketing plan is one of the most straight forward and easy to create that I’ve ever come across. So listen here for a preview of TIm’s Joysummit presentation.


And don’t miss what Tim has to teach on Monday, June 28 at The Small Business Marketing Joysummit. Register here for this free online event!

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