How do you Transition to Premium Photography Prices?


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute
I was THAT photographer when I started…
…pretty much the cheapest in my market.
I’m not proud of it.
But we all start somewhere.
Back then photography was a fun hobby.
I had a 9-5 job I loved as an ad agency marketing director.
But then, I had TWINS.
I didn’t want to waste their entire childhood working for someone else.
So I decided it was time to pursue photography full time…
I dreamed of a flexible shooting schedule that would let me be the mom I wanted to be.
Then, reality sunk in.
I had to get my photography prices up if I was going to make it in business (and afford to pay for childcare).
Do you want to charge premium prices for your photography?
Well here’s a quick video on how to transition your photography prices.
Check it out here and leave me a comment below =)

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How do you Transition to Premium Photography Prices?
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