Inconsistent restaurant – IDENTITY CONFUSION


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

At my studio, we are setup as a boutique business model. In a boutique business, every little detail is massively important. We try to keep the trash cans pretty, the flowers fresh and the experience unbelievable. On our recent vacation, we were given a gift certificate to an expensive restaurant on the gulf. The meals sounded wonderful, and featured lobster and fresh seafood, items that are a special treat to Midwestern land lubbers. When we arrived my kids asked if they could have macaroni and cheese for their meals.  I informed them that this was a fancy restaurant and they didn’t have food like that.  My son immediately looked around the dining room at the wood paneling and stenciled ivy and declared that this restaurant was NOT fancy. Funny how an eight year old could pick up on the outdated, and therefore non-fancy feeling, of this restaurant.  While the staff was very attentive and the food delicious, the over all appearance of the place did not match up with their high prices and exceptional product.

In a boutique business model, all of these aspects meld together to form a coherent experience.  Even if you don’t strive to have a boutique business model, how can YOU make sure that you are providing a consistent and well rounded experience for your clients?

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