Small Business Strategy for marketing on Black Friday


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

In the retail environment right now, it seems that consumers have been trained to be looking for sales, sales, sales. I want you to think of how using a discounting strategy today can hurt the long-term success of your brand. Can this be a viable small business strategy for marketing? Sure. The key is that you really need to consider your discounting strategy before and after Black Friday. If you are having sales every single week all year, you are already training people that your products and services aren’t worth what you normally charge. If a price-incentive today is acting as a catalyst for sales the next few weeks and a very seldom, price-driven reward for your clients, then it may be a wise strategy. Like most things in business, if it is part of a well-constructed plan, it typically works much better than something thrown together at the last minute. And remember, just because everyone else is doing it, doesn’t mean it is right for your brand.

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