Is Your Photography Good Enough To Charge More?


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute


Video Transcription:

How do you even know if your photography is good enough to charge higher prices?

Look, when I first started, I was not formally trained. I did not really even know what I was doing, but I knew that my clients were gushing on my work, and loving it, and it was making them so happy.

So make sure your clients are gushing on you, because you can learn the technical later.

Second, make sure that you want income. This is great if you want a hobby, but if you want it to be more than a hobby, you have to treat it like more than a hobby, and create experiences that are better, and create wall portraits, and offer them products and services, not just a digital file.

And third, you’ve got to be able to tell people what makes you different.

It’s not that hard.

Be different.

Tell them what makes you different, and then it’s not about photography anymore, it’s about marketing.

I can teach you that all day long. We market to get the right clients.

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