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Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

So many times when the going gets tough and the economy slows, our reaction is to tighten our belts, button down the hatch and cut back on any dreams of growing. We focus on keeping the lights on and fight to keep business as usual. As both of my businesses continue to grow despite a slow economy, I find that this is the time when you can really get ahead if you’re willing to take a few calculated risks. This past week’s Telesummit is a perfect example.

Two years ago, most of us were quick to travel to conventions and that venue was the best way to get your educational message to the masses. But times have changed and now it’s tougher for us to justify travel expenses if we can’t show an immediate impact back to our bottom line. So why not offer education, and lots of it, without requiring travel? Over 11,000 photographers registered for the Telesummit. A huge success that has allowed The Photography Business Institute to grow, despite a tough economy.

I challenge you to look at what people need and want. It may not be the same as it was 2 years ago. I can’t deny that people’s needs and wants may have changed given the economy. So make sure you’re tweaking your prouct and marketing messages to meet those changing needs.

Here’s an interesting article about the abundance of Small Business Loans out there. If you’re ready to grow and willing to take some risk, there are resources out there to help.

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