A Few Marketing Ideas For Going the Extra Mile In Your Small Business

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There is nothing I hate more than sitting in a car dealership waiting for my car to be serviced. It is the ultimate irritation for me, so typically that task gets ‘delegated’ to my husband.

Yesterday I received an email from the dealearship that made me think maybe it wouldn’t be the end of the world if I had to wait for my car. What a great marketing idea! The email announced a few new services the dealership is now providing should you choose to wait for your car.

Not only do they now offer an ipod, blackberry and ipad charging station, but they also offer you the opportunity to ‘test drive’ an ipad while you wait.

Sitting in the car dealership is still low on my list of favorite activities, but by adding these small amenities as options to occupy my time while I wait, the prospect of waiting just got a little more palatable. No business wants to  be on the dreaded list of things to do, yet sometimes, just by the nature of what you offer, you end up there (Dentist, Car Dealership, Grocery Store, etc).

As small business owners we need to always be thinking of ways to make our customers’ experiences with us better. While your clients may never have to wait on you, what can you offer that will save them time later in the day. Healthy snacks for the children? Phone and laptop charging stations? A place to heat up the baby’s bottle? A private area to nurse? Free wi-fi? Curbside delivery?

What are you doing in your small business to improve the convenience and make your clients’ experiences remarkable?



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