Monday Marketing Momentum. My Best Marketing Idea.


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

Everyone always wants to know the magic marketing idea and we all know there isn’t one. But, I do have one idea that I would share with just about any business to help them position themselves correctly and attract new clients. My best marketing idea is creating and printing a dynamic promotional piece that makes your clients and prospects say “whoa.” And no, a postcard does not ever qualify in this marketing tactic. What I am talking about is printing on a type of paper that people don’t want to put down because it is so beautiful. I am talking about creating something so elaborate that it twists, folds, spins or does something unexpected. I am talking about creating something that makes your clients want to brag about you! Instead of doing 10 promotional activities that are mediocre, invest in 1 that knocks your clients socks off. After you have it, here are 5 ways you can use it to grow your business!

1. Use it as your business card. We are in an age where business cards are over-rated and most people use electronic databases. But, if you hand people a gorgeous promotional piece for them to use as a contact piece, it is more likely to be saved or passed on.

2. Use this when you co-market with other businesses. All of you should be working together with other businesses in your market to grow. When they see what you are doing, any business would be crazy not to partner with such a high-quality business owner.

3. Present next to your auction display when you donate to charitable auctions. When you donate to school fundraisers, charitable fundraisers, etc., this is your chance to make an impression on people. You need to be clear about what makes you different and this will make you different!

4. Use it to promote an event. If you can have at least one event per year to create a buzz and excitement, this is a powerful piece to hand out. Events are a great time for new people to check you out so be sure to leave them with something unforgettable.

5. Mail to prospects one at a time. If you have someone call with questions or you see someone interesting in the paper who is in your target market, send them a personal note with this dynamic promotional piece and watch the response.

For only a few more days, check out this video where I share more detail on 10 different ideas for using this dynamic promotional piece to build your business.  Also, if you are not a mamber of Cafe Joy, you should be. Each month, we keep the marketing momentum coming!

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