New to the Photography Business or Know Someone Who Is?


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

It can be so overwhelming when you start your own business…trying to figure out how to not only create great images but make money doing it. Due to demand, I’ve created a webinar specifically so you can skip learning many lessons the hard way.

If you love being a photographer and want to learn ways to make more money, register for the live premier of this new webinar.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009 at NOON CST.

In one hour, I’ll share many key lessons that I have spent years learning such as:

  • Creating a strong identity and brand
  • Writing a business plan
  • Understanding COGS and using them to determine prices
  • Juggling your workflow
  • Formulating a magical and profitable product mix
  • Developing a sales plan to increase your sales and MORE

Cafe Joy members can register for just $39 investment. You’ll save yourself countless hours and resources. We’re limited to 100 registrants so make sure you secure your spot today!

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