Small Business Strategies: You Have To Plan To Succeed


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

This month, in Cafe Joy, we demystify the planning process with our small business strategies. The word “plan” scares many small business owners, but if you want to succeed, you need to embrace the process. There are several definitions where I think many people get confused and overwhelmed. Let me simplify this process for you and let’s see if that can help. If you want more info, join Cafe Joy to receive an hour long jolt of audio caffeine.

Business Plan – This is the scariest of all of the planning words but if you aren’t looking for venture capital funding, this can really be simple. Take a look at what you want to earn then back in, how many sales at what average. For example, if you want to have gross sales of $100,000, that could break down into 200 clients at a $500 average.

Marketing  РThis is the big picture of what defines your business. This is where you create your identity (the way you look) and work on your brand (how people feel about you). You need to decide positioning and be able to clearly define what makes you different. This needs to be decided before you start to promote your business.

Marketing Mix – The marketing mix is like a cake mix consisting of 4 ingredients you need to bake your “business cake.” The first three (products, prices and packaging) need to be determined before you start the fourth, promotion.

Promotional – This is the 4th element of the marketing mix. These are the activities you do that bring in new clients. Most people talk about “marketing” when they are really referring to the promotional planning element of the marketing mix.

Sales – You must go into every sale with a goal. After you create your business plan and you have set a sales average of $500, you must create a sales plan to help you achieve that in each sale. This is created through pricing and selling strategies.

If you want to learn more details about how you can plan your way to success, join Cafe Joy NOW!

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