Positioning Yourself to Build Customer Relationships


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

To succeed as boutique business owners, we have to create a lasting impression for our clients when they have an experience with us. We must own a position in their minds if they are going to become lifelong clients of our business and we want to build customer relationships.  I talked several months ago in this blog about owning a word in the minds of your customers and how important this is. The big brands do this every day by investing millions of dollars on marketing. But their audience of potential clients is much larger than yours.

A friend of mine recently shared this video of Coca Cola and an experience the brand created for a group of college kids in order to own the word happiness. Check it out!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqT_dPApj9U

While Coke invested a very small portion of their marketing budget to reach this group of college kids, the video of the experience they created has now been seen by over a million people. Well worth the small investment to own the
word happiness!

Rather than holding a place of insignificance or even a position devoid of emotion in your clients’ minds, strive to stand out. Be different. Make an impression! Tightly link your business with strong feelings and memories in the minds of your clients.

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