Preparing Your Environment To Meet a Client


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

Each time your clients visit you, is your space the same?

Do they see the same art on the walls? Are the wall colors the same?

Or if you make in home visits to your clients are your samples changing or do you bring in the same products year after year?

We assume our clients are creative. Afterall, they come to us so they must have some vision, right? Well not necessarily.

In today’s sneak peek, rock star photographer and small business owner Sandy Puc shares what she does to bring out the creativity of her clients and get them in the mood to buy during the initial consultation. This is a piece of marketing your small business you may not have thought of.

Don’t miss Sandy’s full presentation at the 10.10.10 SalesSummit today at 12 pm CST. You can still register. Or tune in on Sunday from 10 am to 10 pm CST to hear all 10 SalesSummit speakers as they share their top strategies for making more money.


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